you were careful

you were careful

Let me undress you.  To take off your coat, like a gentleman, and hang it on a nail, where, until recently, my lusts stood.  Then the scarf.  Please let me open the button on your shirt and then take it off you.  I want to feel your skin and the scent.  Let me kiss you on one shoulder, then on the other.  I also want to take off your office skirt, to caress your ass that makes me shiver every time I see it naked.  And naughty when the lights go out.


 I'd like you to keep your heels on, I didn't do it with anyone like that.  You look at the tights, then questioningly at me.  That's right, what a sucker I am!  I take off your shoes and pull your tights off you.  Fuck the shoes, this time we can do without them.  Put it on once when you're wearing heels.  And I want you to sit on top.


 The bra and panties remained.  The last ones I put down in bed, so that you don't catch a cold in the ovaries, because it's a bit cold in the house too.  You know that I care about you and that no matter how much I like to undress you and see you in Eve's costume, I wouldn't want you to catch a cold because of this.  The characteristic care of a man who loves the woman in front of him goes beyond the sexual nature of the relationship.


 Let me touch you.  And on the neck, and on the breasts, and on the abdomen, and between the legs, and on the thighs, and on the legs.  You don't have to do anything right now, just lie on your back, close your eyes and feel me.  I'll take down what's left to throw on the floor.  First, you will feel my hand, then your lips, and finally you will feel me completely.  I don't skip stages, places, I don't omit touches that I know make you goosebumps.  I don't want to be a donkey with you!  At least here, in bed, when we start to be a gentleman if in my daily life I still have beans in my mouth.



 The man who hurries when he puts her with his beloved woman to remember that haste, most of the time, spoils the job.  But, it is understandable if it is sex before work - then hurry is allowed.  If you love her, have sex with her with love!


 If the woman reached orgasm too quickly, which rarely happens, do not settle for less.  Give him another one.  And one more.  As much as you can, then finish.  For the woman next to you, always give your best - in life and in bed.


 I fuck you the way I treat you during the day - Attentive and with Love.

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