When the husband is not home ...

When the husband is not home ...

Monday at 10 ... outside pretty hot. Sitting on the sun lounger by the pool, dressed in a bathing suit and eyeglasses, I enjoyed the sun's rays. Romeo, the caretaker, dressed only in a pair of shorts, meticulously gathered from the pool the leaves that had been brought by the wind into the water. It's an advantage when you wear glasses, no one knows where you look. I was secretly watching ...

Romeo, a well-built, tanned man. I was already taking my eyes off him. I imagined what it would be like to be completely naked and let him do what he wanted with me. I was dreaming beautifully ... my dream was interrupted by my husband, dressed, ready to leave, he had come to me to kiss me and wish him success. He normally ran his home business, but today it was important to be present at the office.

Mmm ... and Romeo winked at me like a man. Left alone, I looked at him more and more insistently, under my glasses. How do I get his attention? I took off my bra, then got up. Continuing to wear the glasses, I walked slowly along the pool. I didn't seem to decide whether to go in the water or not. I saw his gaze. She tried to look discreetly at my breasts, as if for the first time.

I waited for him to reach the steps. I asked her for help so I could get in the water without getting my hair wet. I could feel him watching me as I swam across the pool. After a while I felt that he had lost interest in me. I took off my pair of panties, and to get her attention, I left them at the edge of the pool.

I was trying to act like nothing happened. His body slid slowly over the water ... sometimes on his stomach and sometimes on his back. I made sure to be as close to him as possible in those moments, to see my naked body floating in the water. His clumsy penis was visible through his pants and seemed to grow larger and larger. At one point she arranged her penis in her pants when I wasn't paying attention.

I swam up to him, my breasts almost out of the water, I asked him to come in too, I couldn't swim alone. He didn't think long and entered. He really liked to put his head in the water to see me naked. I went closer to him and told him.

- It's not fair! ... I'm nothing on myself, and you?

He smiled at me, said nothing, then took off his pants. Several times I dipped my head into the water to see his cock. It was quite big ... mmmhh ... In our game, really ... I got caught near the edge of the pool. I grabbed his head and pulled him towards me, kissing my neck, then down to my breasts.

I grabbed his cock with one hand ... mmm ... I was impatient, I wanted it in me. I wrapped my legs around him, moving my pelvis back and forth. Romeo couldn't stand it anymore, he pulled my legs away from him, adjusted his penis and entered me resolutely. I grabbed him by the neck with my arms ... I pulled him hard towards me to kiss my neck and shoulder.

It was moving pretty fast. I was already aroused until he came into the water, just thinking he might have me there in the pool. He was panting quite hard and moving very energetically, his rather large penis had filled my entire vagina. I liked his attitude, he was determined, energetic ... maybe he wanted to avenge all the moments when I teased him when I was topless, without taking into account that I was looked at by him.

He grabbed me with his middle hands and penetrated me very quickly ... I was panting with him. Romeo was about to finish, much faster than I anticipated. Tensed to the max, he came out of me quickly ... aahhh ... I could see him rubbing his cock, and the cum was gushing in the clear water.

He was done, but I wasn't. To make sure I had an orgasm, I told her ... come after me ... then I left. Romeo came immediately without asking why. I lay on the deck chair with my legs apart. I motioned for her fingers to drop. My fingers touched my lips and I rubbed them lightly. Then he understood what I wanted.

He lifted my legs up ... he went straight to my pussy ... he touched my lips with his lips ... aahh ... yeah ... I let him be in control for a while . He's doing pretty well. The tongue went up and down the length of my lips quickly ... then, it came down and touched my anus ... aahhh ... my fingers rubbed my clit ... it was wonderful.

When I felt his tongue sink deep inside me, I couldn't help myself. I grabbed his head with both hands. I pulled it up to my clitoris. I held him tight and rubbed my clit on his lips. I liked to look at him like he did. We looked at each other ... I kept moving my pelvis faster and faster, I was in control and that incited me the most ... I couldn't resist very much ... aaahhh ... the strong orgasm didn't make me stop.

I kept rubbing my clit against his mouth. Over time, the movements became slower. I stopped and released his head. Romeo stuck his tongue deep inside me, picking up the flavor of my femininity… Come on, it wasn't bad for the first time, he still has to learn.

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