If you are eager to try something new and perverse in the bedroom, you will be in safe hands with a dominatrix.  Even if you have never tried anything to dominate, the dominatrix here is more than able to guide you through the fun at every step.  They will help you become the best slave you can be and show you what it is like when you obey.  That is why so many people are eager to try obedience in the bedroom because it is so much fun and so liberating.

  As much as we may not like it, the books and the movie Fifty Shades have done a lot for the bent world.  They have shown people that it is not uncommon to find someone interested in domination and obedience, because we are all a little curious about it.  Okay, so books are a terrible representation of what the world is like, but it encourages people to really learn about what's going on in the bedroom between a submarine and their master or mistress ... but if you're interested in obedience, that's the coolest thing.  which can you try?


  If you've never tried to be a sexy dominatrix, you may find that beating is for you.  It's the perfect way to be punished for making a mistake and will add quite a thrill to your usual bedroom routine.

  Your master or mistress may choose to simply bend over their knee and hit you in the ass, thighs or other fleshy area of ​​the body.  They want to make you feel a little pain and a lot of pleasure, so don't worry about being hit by your arms, chest or legs.

  If you are doing well and your mistress is happy, she may decide to test you further.  One of the most perverse things people see as dominatrix is ​​getting six of the best from a schoolgirl.  They will dress as your old headmistress did and have a cane at hand.  They might even make you count on every shot, but they'll go as hard as you want.  It's a huge change to push your limits and see how far you can go.


  The whole point of domination and submission is that you have taken control.  You are not allowed to do or say anything without your mistress's permission, which means you have to work hard to thank them.

  One of the most fun ways to take complete control is to be restrained.  This can be done in several ways, such as with slave rope, leather cuffs or even cable ties and duct tape if you are looking for a truly perverse thrill.

  When you're tied up, your mistress will tease you.  They will show you what you are missing just to hear you beg for release, and then they will not give it to you.  They want you to beg for mercy, to admit that you are totally theirs, before they even think of letting you go.

  You will find that not having control is actually a huge encouragement to you. You will do whatever your mistress asks you to do as you are bound, and when they finally decide to let you go, you will thank them for being so kind and  they finally released you.

  Worship of the body

  You may have discovered that your mistress is the sexiest, sexiest and most beautiful of all.  You will love her mind, intelligence and her sense of humor.  You will find that your body reacts instantly to her voice, and when she begins to undress for you, you want to do nothing but worship her.

  Worshiping the body is a very fun thing to do.  You could tell your mistress that you love her legs, and in that case, she will order you to wash them, massage them, and lick her legs.  She will tell you what she does and what she doesn't like, but this is not the other type of body worship you can do.

  For many subjects, they love nothing more than to lie down and put their mistress on their face.  Dom will present his dripping wet pussy to the submarine and order them each out.  There may be a bit of suffocation and breathing play thrown here if you are interested, but you will not be allowed to stop until you bring your mistress to orgasm.  You will learn how to get rid of it, which you will want to remember for other times.

 Humiliation and other acts of submission

  Something that many people interested in obedience will find is that their mistress or master will insult them.  They will tell them that they are worthless and not good enough, often leaving them feeling embarrassed and humiliated.  Of course, this is something that many subscribers want.

 They do not feel worthy of the attention that their master or mistress pays them and, therefore, by insulting them, the dome confirms that they are not good enough and therefore have to do everything they can to please them.

 Sometimes humiliation can come out of the bedroom with a willing subordinate and can lead to public humiliation.  They might put a dog collar on you and walk you out, or they might order you to kiss their feet at a local coffee shop.  Humiliation is a lot of fun when done right and you will find a lot of mistresses willing to help you find your limits.

  What is your favorite act of obedience?  Listing all the documents would take some time, but have I listed the one you like the most?  Let us know in the comments box below or visit the Barbyescorts forum and join the discussion there.  Are you a good substitute for your mistress?

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