The woman who makes you lose your mind and money

The woman who makes you lose your mind and money

I had learned of her through a conjuncture. It was always said that the girl is anointed with all the ointments, that she knows what she wants and you will lose your mind and money in her presence. There's no way, I was telling myself ... since a woman controlled me, I'm a well-versed man and I don't give up so easily, I've only had many women in my life. The person keeps insisting ... from the moment you realize you're addicted to it, it's too late. I laughed at him, I found what he was saying funny and I didn't think a woman would subdue me ...

I had remembered what my friend had told me, and I still couldn't believe it was real. Maybe it was a suggestion from him that stuck in my mind, and now it didn't seem to give me peace. The thought of giving up the idea seemed far away from me, and my curiosity grew. When I got her phone number, I was going to call her then, but I changed my mind. A few days later I was still in doubt as to whether to do so.

If my friend was right?! ... Hard to believe and conceive. I took courage and called her. A soft voice answered me ... pleasant, sweet and youthful. He conquered me instantly ... a woman with such a voice has no control over me. He was excluded. At least that's what I thought at the time. I was going to convince myself.

I didn't know what to think. I had some emotions that I didn't recognize myself and I hadn't even had a chance to see her. I was very close to the address where she lives, and her heart went crazy. What's wrong with me? She opened it for me ... gorgeous blonde with a very sweet smile, tall on her heels, fine legs with stocking stockings and a mesh bodysuit through which her breasts and nipples could be seen, and between her legs I could see her cleft lips .. mmm ... what goodness! He looked bestial.

She invited me to come in, to make myself comfortable. I chose the sofa, it was big and spacious. Crazy sex was on her. He kept running around the room so I had an erection right away. How can you not feel like jumping on it? It was made for sex. I was convinced, you can't resist her helplessly. After a while I noticed that her face gradually changed. From that sweet, delicate woman ... she had transformed. The smile was gone ... the gaze more and more fixed, the eyes penetrating ... alas, where did I end up? What if my friend was right?

She approached the couch. He saw my erection. Mmmm ... that's all you can do?! ... I had no idea what he was talking about, but later I realized it was my erection. She leaned forward, softly ... her hands were touching me ... she came closer with her breasts close to my nose. I was about to enter that cleavage, but she withdrew.

She touched my cock ... with his hand, She held me tight ... aahh ... and yet, you have something there! ... we'll have to see what you're hiding ... She turned his back on me. She came up to me with his ass as She leaned forward. I was looking at the white buttocks ... the textile material had taken the shape of my lips. My erection was at its maximum. She moved provocatively in front of me and shook me very hard.

She turned to face me. She lifted one leg and placed it on the bed, very close to the penis. At first I thought She wanted to hit me and I was startled. Then she smiled at me again, just as I saw her when she opened the door for me.

- You were scared, weren't you? Take out what you have there! ... she told me firmly.

I didn't even realize how long it took me to open my pants and pull my cock out. She helped me take off my pants and panties, but without undressing at all. She turned his back on me, shook his ass provocatively a few times, then leaned over my penis. A small dance followed on my feet. I wanted to pull that body to her side and penetrate her instantly. I wanted to get my hands on her breasts, but she wouldn't let me. She turned his head and motioned to me that it was not allowed. It was a clear sign that this woman wanted to dominate me.

After she got up, she turned ... she leaned over me ... her eyes were lost between her big breasts ... she seemed to want to kiss me, but she played with me. When I went to her, she sank down ... down to her penis. Sitting on her knees, she grabbed my cock with her hands. Vibrate between her palms. Sometimes she looked at me and smiled brightly at me. With one hand she rubbed it slowly, with the other she massaged my ears ... aahh ... I didn't even know what to expect from her. Everything seemed mysterious and he took everything for granted.

She managed to drive me crazy with her touches, I sighed and moaned in rhythm with her. I was breathing hard and I really liked what she was doing to me, but I was hoping for more. I just didn't come there for a masturbation ... that's what I can do. Or maybe that's how the game starts ...

Suddenly he dropped down ... he touched my cock with his lips, offered him a kiss ... aahh ... he spat at my top. More saliva dripped on him. Rub it well with your hand to keep it very well moistened. She seemed pleased ... she leaned over, grabbed my cock in her mouth and let it go all the way down to her testicles ... aahhh ... I thought I was dreaming. I didn't expect him to be able to do this so easily.

At first it moved slowly, from top to bottom, then faster and faster ... I had begun to tremble and tense. She massaged my thighs with her hands ... The penis disappeared quickly into her mouth. She moaned in unison with me. Even if I wanted to refrain, postpone ejaculation ... I couldn't.

I clenched my fists. Her legs were tense ... her head was bent, because of her hair I couldn't see anything ... I could feel her lips reaching the base ... a few times she stopped there, without moving a few moments, then resumed the movement ... all faster ... aahhh ... I was close. I wanted to scream and I couldn't control myself. In the end ... I screamed pretty loudly ... aaahhh ... her mouth stayed at the base ... cum shot hard in her throat. I could hear each jet swallowing.

He rose slightly ... his lips slid slowly over his cock. He gave me a sucker kiss on the tip and then stood up. She let me come back, then told me in an authoritarian tone ... it's time to leave! Come back when you're ready, you're not now! In vain I tried to talk to her, she was categorical and kicked me out of the house. Before I left, I left a sum at the entrance.

This woman fascinated me. I had discovered that this woman attracted and fascinated me. I liked her attitude. I wanted more from her. Walking down the street we realized that my friend was right. She's a woman who makes you lose your mind and your money.

This story is fiction and should be treated as such.

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author: DomnuRoz

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