A former air host has released a book about all the sexy events of her time on the Virgin Atlantic sky.

  Mandy Smith of Teeside, Hartlepool, spent more than ten years in the company, and during that time she saw a few things that you would only think were the products of a 13-year-old's fantasies, and by no means real.  .

  Mile High Club

  In her book, "Cabin Fever", she tells of a life of champagne, parties and even cabin sex with her beloved pilot.

  She said: "Since I had a constant friend, I decided it was time to move another item from my Mile High Club list.

  "Jonathan took me to the Florida Keys in a two-seater Cessna, when I decided to take advantage of that moment.  I climbed on top of him while he was flying and sealed the deal. "

  She said she "can't believe what's going on thousands of feet in the air."

  She added: “Several times, I had a passenger slipping his hand under his skirt when I was handling the air compartment.

  "And when the lights go out on overnight flights, I would see passengers in love masturbating while everyone else around them slept.

  "Then there was the passionate couple, who ran around the upper class, naked."

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  Well, everything seems very fun.  I wonder what the reaction would be if I put my hand in the stewardess's skirt when she was on duty.  My initial thought would be a two-year sentence.  I had no idea what her reaction was to this.  If the flight attendants accept this type of behavior, they are using the wrong airline!

  As for having sex with her guy while flying the boat, then she'll make me watch the TV show Air Crash Investigation with a more cynical mind, I'll tell you that.

  She kept talking about some incredible parties when they warmed up the floor.

  "I always brought wild props with me - my suitcase was like a traveling sex shop."

  She describes a decadent party thrown by Richard Branson, saying, “I couldn't believe my eyes when I walked to the ditch that led to the mansion.  Richard shook my hand and greeted me at the party bucharest escorts

  "I've never seen so much champagne in my life.  Richard managed to spray everyone with all the open bottles.

  "I stayed awake for 24 hours, connected to Red Bull and vodka.  At the end of the glam weekend, guests left with bags hand in hand - filled with condoms.  "

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 Well, it looks like the good times might not last.  She ended up meeting her husband Glenn and never looked back.  I'm sure he'll be happy to hear about his wife riding a pilot in the cockpit, which we all want to read over the cornflakes.

  In the end, it seems like he had a real party lifestyle that any of us would be desperate to have.  Maybe the days of budget airlines made the flight less decadent than it was in the 1980s, so the days of people running around an empty seat are sadly gone.  Nowadays, just making sure the person behind you doesn't kick the chair seems like a huge step in the right direction.

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