the story of a prostitute

the story of a prostitute

You never know where the paths of life take you, but how beautiful is the journey to unknown destinations, people or events, accepting with indulgence and exaltation what awaits you beyond the daily routine.

 Last week I went on a trip that I wanted for a long time, in Romania, in the city in bucharest.

 I had arranged, even before leaving, with a friend, the meeting I will tell you about, but I preferred to remain a stranger until the moment when it would become a tangible reality.


 I could not have imagined that a prostitute could have such a naive face and such a casual attitude.

 I was waiting for her with my friend, in a corner of the bar, on a small street in a select neighborhood.  She had chosen the place.

 I was agitated, not knowing why.

 I had come even earlier for fear that he would not see us change his mind.

 It took time and effort to convince her to tell me what she was doing.

 I thought our meeting hung on a hair as fragile as silk.

 Of course, my girlfriend wasn't easily convinced to meet me either.  I live in the same city, where we met and he had learned about it from an acquaintance.  We needed some investigation to find her, but I was too excited to hear the story of a prostitute, so I did not give up my search even when I encountered refusals.

 As soon as I saw her, I calmed down.

 An absolutely normal person, she was dressed in jeans, a fitted top, high leather boots with dizzying high heels.  It fits the pattern I imagined.

 Something else was curious.

 He had nowhere, as I expected, the body and face of an erotic model we are used to in adult movies or magazines.

 Very thin, with short and sparse black hair, you could barely see her teenage breasts through the top, being an ordinary woman without even attracting attention with beautifully penciled eyes, intensely mascara lashes or at least some sensual lips.

 From the first moment I told him who I was and what motivated me to talk.  I assured her that I do not want to judge her but rather to understand what pushes her towards this and what her daily life is.

 We both relaxed very quickly.  I had an hour, so I agreed.

 Rather, my friend, who was helping me with the translation, was still extremely agitated, although she was the one who offered to put me in touch with Evelin.  That's what she calls it, or so she calls herself, and she practices prostitution as a profession.  

 As I told her I was an economist by profession, she nonchalantly told me she was a prostitute.

 I told her a few words about my site and then let her tell me exactly what she wanted.

 That's how I thought he would feel comfortable talking to me about it.  I wasn't there to interrogate her, just to find out what a prostitute's story was.

 "I like to sell my men's bodies.  To give them pleasure and to feel their cock in me.

 Every time I do it I have the same sparkle in my eyes, my body trembles with desire and my mind accepts games with incredible ease.

 I'm there for them.

 I'm working with another friend.


 Everything happens in a small apartment, there are two of us and about 7/8 men every night.

 We first sit at the bar, relax with a glass of wine or something strong, share our fantasies and then retire to a slightly larger room with glass doors.


 There are never more than 2/3 men with us in the room, the rest are voyeurs.

 While we have normal, anal or oral sex with men in the room, voyeurs masturbate.

 I am also aroused by the sexual intercourse itself but also by the fact that I am watched.

 Both my partner and I sometimes have requirements to dance.  And we do it as sensual and professional as possible.

 Maybe that's where our success comes from.  Our bodies are there only for them, and that is what it feels like and that is why there are many who return at least once a week.

 I only work a few hours and I manage quite well financially.  I really like my "job" (he smiled at me si. And he did it so naturally).

 I know I'm part of an erotic minority, as I call it, but I don't mind.

 I do nothing but enrich my own sexuality even if society rejects us.

 This does not cause me any discomfort or anxiety. "

 What he told me in the last sentences led me to one thought: rather people are afraid of the reaction of others to them and not of their sexual peculiarity.

 I found Evelin's approach fascinating.

 In fact, unconventional sex is doomed because it does not conform to the model we were raised and taught.

 This pattern has led us to believe that if more than one person has the same sexual "inclination" then it is a normal "practice."

 But look, there are people who break patterns and want to be different, overcoming taboos and proudly assuming, even, their way of being and living their lives.

 "What do you do after you finish your program?"

 She started laughing, and I was waiting, with an extraordinary curiosity, for her answer.

 And he came quickly and promptly.

 "I'm going back to my other life."

 Duplicity is part of her lifestyle and this does not show that it would bother her in any way, on the contrary it seems to assume with great responsibility and maturity the ability to live this way.

 "What seems unnatural and fanciful to you is a kind of…. I take revenge on life in a captivating and unique way."

 What does the other life mean? ”I asked her.

 "It means family, friends, household chores.  I become the man with common concerns as well as yours.

 The moment I walk out the door of the bar, everything is behind me.

 My experiences, the feelings, the penises of those men who penetrate me insatiably, the orgasms that I sometimes enjoy sometimes I mimic, the erotic games….  As if it was just a dream.

 A dream may be totally atypical and inexplicable for many, but it is the dream I chose and for which, it will seem strange to you, I have no regrets.

 It’s just an ordinary job… .I’m a nasty girl and I like it. ”

 My words are irrelevant.  Evelin managed to break the myths and experience an existence absolved of any guilt and doubt.

 So, the show must go on!  

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