the lady and the teenager

the lady and the teenager

Our story begins like this  her friend Doina… With whom Vera will live a beautiful sexual adventure… So but after years of leaving the country Vera decides it's time to return to the country to live her old age quietly..So but determined to return to  native lands Vera calls her best friend Doina and the only person in the country with whom she kept in touch to see if she will be able to host her for a few months until she finds a home…

 -Hello una Hello Doina

 -Hey..Buna Vera

 I'm glad to hear from you… What are you doing?

 -Okay..What are you doing?

 -And we're fine… I'm at home Vladut in college

 -Honey, look why I called you…

 -Say..I'm listening to you

 - I decided to return to the country for two weeks for good and I thought I'd call you to ask you..If you can host me with you for a few months until I find a place to live.

 -Of course, darling, you can come, no problem… We are waiting for you

 -Good darling..Thank you very much

 -For a little darling… I'm waiting for your phone to tell me when you arrive to pick me up from the airport

 -Yes .. Thanks again .. We hear each other on the phone

 After two weeks Vera gets on the plane and leaves for the house on arrival. Doina was waiting for her with open arms.


 -Okay, I found you, my dear

 After picking up their luggage, the two head to the exit where a taxi is waiting for them and head home… On the way they stop to do some shopping at a supermarket and then continue on their way home… After a few minutes they reach Doina's apartment.  .

 -Heee .. and finally home .. says Doina smiling then puts the luggage for a moment in a corner of the living room ..

 -I say we sit on the couch for a while to take our breath away for a coffee and then we take care of the luggage after..said Doina who gets up from the couch and goes to the kitchen to prepare the coffee… While they were enjoying coffee and sitting  at the story, the apartment door opened and Vlad also appeared.

 -Hey! .. look at Vlad

 -I kiss your hand… Welcome

 -Wow..But how big and handsome you have become a real man .. [said Vera admiring and sipping from his eyes the teenager with satin hair of medium stature with weak body and brown eyes]

 -Yes, thank you. Years haven't passed too visibly over you either

 -Thanks for the compliments Vladutz ... and he gets up from the couch and kisses him on the cheek

 -I retire to my room and let you continue to debug the memories of the ladies .. [said Vlad smiling tightly in the corner of his mouth]

 Then Vera sat back on the couch and Vlad headed for his room

 -Eee this is Vladutz always put on spouses, says Doina… smiling

 -And what do you want, girl, it's better that way .. she's a teenager anyway ..

 -Yes..You're right than a pampalau better like that ..

 After a few more hours of talking, the time came for the world to sleep, so Doina went to show Vera the bedroom where she would sleep in the few months she would need to live with her.  -arrange her luggage and leave her alone to unpack while she goes to the kitchen to prepare dinner..After a few tens of minutes the three sat down at the table between the mouths and spread stories and smiles… After dinner everyone  he was going to their bedrooms… where they had stayed until the next morning…

 Early the next morning when Vera and Vlad were still asleep, Doina woke up and took a shower and then drank her coffee and went to work.  to the bathroom where he lets go of the water to take a shower and then begins to undress then steps lightly into the shower leaving drops of hot water enveloping his body invigorating… The heat slowly enveloped his whole body and his hands slid slowly  the velvety foam cover of the shower gel shivered warm excitement running through her spinal cord tightening her breasts and nipples and without realizing a hand penetrated her legs and began to massage her vagina by circular movements of her fingers until two of them  he slid abruptly inside, making her moan lightly and bite his lips with pleasure. Meanwhile Vlad woke up and, getting out of bed, went slowly to the bathroom… When he opened the door he saw Vera standing  empty with his back to the door o  He watched a little longer until he realized what was happening and came out, closing the door slightly and began to look at everything on the keyhole.  what was wrong with him?  quickly and he is forced to enter the room without being heard leaving the door open after a few minutes Vera pulls on some shorts and a T-shirt and leaves the bathroom heading to the kitchen to make a coffee… Vlad  he was still in his room sweating, horny and with his cock raised he didn't know what to do so he decides to lie on the bed and masturbate… While Vera was in the kitchen and trying to find coffee he couldn't find then  Vera went to Vlad's bedroom to ask him for help when he descended  his door was locked without being able to utter a word what to do to get in or out Vlad was lying on the bed with his penis in his hand rubbing it hard… Now the two were looking into each other's eyes Vera wanted to leave the room,  when suddenly Vlad suddenly gets up from the bed and grabs her hand and pulling her towards him hits her on the chest, whispering in her ear…

 -Now that I caught and saw what I was doing and taking into account that I also saw what you were doing earlier in the shower ..

 Can't you help me finish too?

 -Vlad stopped letting me go..but he got even closer with his erect penis to her which he now felt clinging to her pants in the pussy area rubbing lightly against her, shocked nustia what to do was still the friend's son  but she began to like it was dominated by a 20-year-old kid, moreover he had started to get aroused in vain he tried to escape from the grip of his arms he slowly lost control of his body and desires… He started kissing her  neck to massage his breasts hard his penis had penetrated between his legs rubbing his lips through pants sucking he felt every movement .. At one point with a sudden movement Vlad turned his face to the wall clinging to it and raising his hands on it  She took off her T-shirt, leaving the cold wall on her bare breasts, and let her hand slide lightly into her pants, and with a gentle touch of her fingers, she began to stimulate her clitoris.  dominates it with so much passion… Cur  his hair drove her crazy and he didn't even realize when he had removed them and pants after her and that between her legs she makes room to enter now his erect and vain penis she was wet and super horny… Vlad grabs her thighs pulls her a little towards him  and leaning a little in front, he inserts his penis forcefully into her vagina, making her moan loudly, arching her body.  He turned his head, looking for her lips with his lips, and together with his, which were extremely hot and velvety, all he could hear was his gasp, a loud, more and more jerky gasp. His nipples and breasts had hardened and  he massaged her desperately, and that made her want him and moreover he did not know what was wrong with her he had already lost his reason he could no longer control his desires… The penis came in and out of the pussy which was now in flames  he prowled inside her on his penis  then lightly on the thighs dripping on the floor… Vera completely let go of his prey and began to move her hips in the same rhythm with him at first were strong movements then slow and passionate… At one point Vlad grabs her waist lifts her up and turns her  face to him and while kissing he led her to the bed where he lays on her back and sits on top of her kissing still fixes his penis at the entrance to her pussy and begins to pump again in it both moaned and soon the thrill of orgasm  I embrace both of them, he pulls his penis out, rubs it a little and in a short time the hot drops of semen pour and spread on her body and he falls wide breathing hard and without strength next to her smiling tightly .. Vera looked him in the eye without saying anything  she was dumbfounded, she had only lived something like this for a long time, but in her mind there was a fight. Vlad was a child and at the same time her friend's son…  asks..

 -What did something happen? .. didn't you like it?

 -Yes, I really liked Vladutz… But I don't think it's good what happened


 -How ..Why? .. Because I am your mother's friend and you are still a child

 -And so?..

 -I'm basically 20 years old, I don't think I'm another child… And my mother doesn't see why she should know what to do

 happened between us ..

 -I say calm down and go take a shower together and then have a coffee

 -Are you sure that's what you want?

 "Sure ..." he replied, smiling

 Then those get out of bed and hugged and go to the bathroom to take a shower. Vera walks first into the shower, urging Vlad to come in and pull him after her.  kissing and touching lightly and passionately Vlad began to lower his lips lightly on her neck, lowering himself lower and lower towards her breasts, grabbing with his lips each piece, playing with the tip of his tongue around them and lowering more and more.  below touching her velvety skin with the tip of her tongue making her tremble and moan with pleasure she descends slowly leaving herself on her knees in front of her positioning her head in her legs then raising one foot over his shoulder she starts to play  with the tip of her tongue along her paws stopping on the clitoris stimulating it with the tip of her tongue and sucking from time to time .. All this drove Vera crazy and her hand went into his hair pulling him to penetrate as deep as possible  inside her… Vlad se r  idic standing in front of her grabbed her buttocks and lifted her above his thighs leaning against the wall and she covering him with her hips with his hands grabbed him with one hand of his penis and matched him at the entrance of the wet and hot pussy then let himself be gently  is in it… Vlad begins to pump from the bottom up with strength both jams of pleasure their muscles contract ecstasy is at maximum levels the warm thrills of orgasm appeared again completely covering their bodies making them tremble and  their breathing became more and more jerky.  crazy lust until it explodes and fills his mouth with jets of hot cum and doesn't stop sucking until the last drop slips down his esophagus… After all this the two remain hugged for tens of minutes kissing and  relaxing  take a hot shower… Then go to the kitchen to enjoy together a very fragrant coffee full of the taste of passions between them

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