The word "massage" can cover a range of techniques and methods used to help a person relax, as well as a wide range of areas to focus on, from the toes to the tip of the head.  Whatever your needs, there is a massage for you.  Are you dealing with a disappointment?  A sports massage can help.  Did you have a hard day at work?  A sensual massage will relieve your stress.

  Erotic massage

  Here at Barby Escorts, two types of massage have proven to be very popular.  People are always looking for sensual massages and erotic massages ... but what is the difference between them?  We look at the difference between a sensual massage and an erotic massage and how do you know which one is for you.

  Sensual massage

  If you like to be touched and caressed by your partner, but without the need for a happy ending, you may find that a sensual massage is for you.  A sensual massage focuses on awakening all the senses with touches everywhere.  The whole body is rubbed, stroked and massaged to wake the person.  The goal is usually to increase arousal.

  When you enjoy a sensual massage, you may touch the "sweet spots" of your masseuse, but sometimes you may not.  It depends on the person doing the massage how far you will go to wake up.  You will usually receive a sensual massage without a "happy ending" or without touching your genitals.

  It's the perfect way to relax, especially if you've been struggling lately.  Whether your work stress has dropped or you've run ragged trying to do too much, it can really help.  It will feel totally indulgent as your masseuse lights a few candles and dances to relaxing music, such as the music in the playlist below.  Go on ... treat yourself.  You know you deserve it.

  Erotic massage

  Massages should not be related to body relaxation.  Sometimes it's about being touched everywhere and how much these touches can activate you.  With an erotic massage, you will find your partner or masseuse getting acquainted with the body.

  An erotic massage focuses on the areas of the body that respond sexually.  While your masseuse can touch other areas, they will focus on your genitals and other areas that pump your heart.

  With an erotic massage you can enjoy a happy ending in many different ways, depending on how your masseuse decides to help you get there.  You could get an erotic hand, a great blowjob or even sex from your partner if they are so inclined.  Because an erotic massage wants to take you down, you can almost guarantee that you will leave with a smile on your face.

  Where to touch?

  There is a main difference between an erotic massage and a sensual massage.  The difference tends to be where you touch.  For a sensual massage, the whole body will be teased and rubbed to help you maintain a high level of arousal, while an erotic massage will gently touch the areas before moving to the genitals and other sweet spots.

  With a sensual massage can start from the feet, moving it to the feet and avoiding your genitals until the last moment, if they receive special attention.  With an erotic massage, your partner can pass over other areas more or less quickly before spending more time on the genitals to try to lead you to orgasm.

  Have you decided that you prefer to be the one who does a massage?  You will want to know the best ways to reach your partner.  With a sensual massage you will walk slowly and constantly, while an erotic massage requires paying more attention to your partner.

  Which is better?

  What is best depends on what you are looking for.  If you want to be teased and awakened before being sent on your happy journey, then a sensual massage may be what you are looking for, while an erotic massage will bring you to the edge and send you over it.  Do you have a preference?  Share it with us in the comments below or on Barby Escorts

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