The ballad PIZDEI

The ballad PIZDEI


 Her pussy is sable fur

 Sitting next to her ass,

 What serves as a hat

 For too honest a dick.



 Some say I'm not wrong

 That pussies are the same.

 But that's stupid

 Not allowed to fuck,


 Because on this earth,

 All kinds of pussies are.

 And there is no room for deception,

 That's a big difference.


 You can confuse it,

 It's just that it's all between the legs,

 But like flakes and depth,


 Lindic, smell and fat,


 Lips, everything is different,

 And I share them to the end

 The latest theories,

 In three main categories:


 Category I:


 The big girl pussy,

 Sweet, pink, like a flower.

 The pussy of sublime fate,

 Who raises the dead cock.


 Bubble, cute,

 Red as a cherry,

 With the linden like a strawberry,

 Lick him all night.


 This is the chosen pussy,

 It's the bride's cock.

 Red lips,

 They look like wings


 What they gather and untie,

 When the head of the cock caresses,

 Hello forever,

 To kiss and lick.


 Category II:


 Well-groomed pussy,

 It's like a cooked museum.

 With the big, red lynx,

 It's like a rooster's crest,


 With martial attire

 Asking the chickens for an account.

 Pussy with proud lips

 Which does not admit apologies.


 It sucks you like a cornet,

 Tighten his cock like a corset,

 And somehow more solid,

 Turn it into a caterpillar.


 That pussy fuck you dearly,

 It has elbows, it has a threshold,

 He has everything he needs

 To the one who strings it.


 Futaiul e delicios,

 Both front and back

 You get out of your mind,

 And you fucked unknowingly.


 Category III:


 It still exists between the legs,

 The pussy to shit on.

 Large, wide and wide,

 Stinky pickle,


 With a lump of turkey.

 He is on guard in Barosan

 Between her grinning lips

 What rubs rubbed.


 You don't feel any tickling,


 Fuck, but without account

 You don't know how to sit down anymore,

 You can't stop,


 In vain do you look for straits,

 You still stink

 And lips and ass,

 If the house revolves around


 And you get dizzy,

 If the release ends

 And disgusted by such a fuck,

 You want to cut your dick.

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