Teen exgirlfriend

Teen exgirlfriend

Claudia, a small girl, brunette, green eyes, thin body, big breasts. I liked her even then, but hormones and an immature mind made me break up with her for another girl. Many years had passed since then, when we had never seen each other before. Coincidentally, we saw each other one day while walking down the street. From the moment I saw her, she caught my eye instantly, I seemed convinced she was, but I had forgotten her name. ...

She didn't notice me, she was thoughtful, she passed me quite hurriedly. I turned to her, but how to approach her, I didn't know her name. I managed to just say ... hello, what are you doing? ... Claudia came back, she seemed puzzled, in the first phase she had no idea who I was.

- Hey, hello ... she tells me ... I think I know you, but I don't know your name anymore ...

- Silviu ... I'm telling you honestly I forgot your name too ... oops ...

- Claudia ...

- I am pleased...

- Here's how we do it, I'm in a little hurry now, I have to get to the bank to solve a problem, I can't talk now, maybe another time, what do you say?

- If you want ... I can wait for you ... how long can it last ?!

- No, it doesn't take long. Here's my number, give me a call, and when I'm done I'll call you, okay?

- Very well.

I had some emotions to meet her again after so many years, I admit. Now she looked even more beautiful than then. For 20 minutes I spent time at the surrounding shops, then remembered that there was a park in the area. I went straight there and said to wait for her to come out on the bench. She called me, I told her where I was, and she came. He liked the idea of ​​sitting outside on a bench.

I debugged memories, I talked variously. I was sitting next to each other, looking at each other and I wanted to kiss her. I felt like doing this, but I had no idea how he would react. Eventually I mustered up the courage and walked slowly to her and kissed her lightly on the lips. He didn't resist, but he wanted to know why I did it. Because ... that's how I felt ... I answered.

Later, I wanted to kiss her again, but she politely refused. When I left, I offered to drive her to the car. She had his car in an underground parking lot. She was not bothered by my presence, she was really happy. When we got to the car, we were going to say goodbye and leave.

She came up to me, hugged me and kissed me on the cheek. I tried to kiss her on the lips again. This time she didn't reject me. We both hugged and kissed hard. I wanted her at the time. I wanted to have sex with her then ... I hadn't had sex when we were in love, the relationship didn't last long.

At that moment I told her to go to a hotel, but she said she would like that, but she doesn't have time. She was getting ready to get in the car and leave, I immediately got on the right and I wouldn't let her go. As I talked to her, I put a hand on her leg, trying to get higher ... under her skirt.

A long, passionate kiss followed again. I touched her breasts ... obviously bigger than I knew. It got hot. I felt she wanted me too. We both wanted to, even though she turned down a hotel invitation. With a big jeep-like car, low traffic in the parking lot, it was a good idea to have sex in the car in the back seat. I wanted to propose this to him, but I was afraid of another refusal.

To shake her more and more, I reached under her skirt directly to her pussy. It was getting wet, I could feel it in my lace panties. I pulled them aside and put a finger inside ... aahh ... moaned and sighed. At one point he could no longer concentrate on the kiss. She kept his head on his back and his eyes closed, moaning louder and louder. I kissed her neck and ear ... I grabbed her earlobe with my lips and sucked it.

I couldn't stand it either. I opened the zipper on my pants and pulled my cock out. She didn't realize it until I took her hand and placed it directly on her penis. She opened her eyes, looked at him with wide eyes, and sighed. It was pretty clear to me that she wanted him, that she wanted him in her. Then I told her to go in the back seat. He glanced at me briefly and immediately nodded.

Quickly, we went to the back seat. She went first, until I closed the door behind me, she took off her panties and lifted her skirt at the waist. I pulled on her legs ... I bent down as best I could and started licking her. It wasn't the most comfortable position, but I was staring at her pussy. We enjoy its delicious juice. I was stroking her clit with my tongue, two fingers were in her juicy pussy ... I was slowly penetrating her.

She tried to refrain, putting his hand to his mouth, so that we would not be heard, in case someone passed us. Seeing that she liked it and especially, encouraged by her moans and guidance, I decided to continue in this way. I was licking her clit faster and faster, my fingers moving faster and faster inside her. I was convinced she would have an orgasm and I didn't want to stop.

- Go on, don't stop ... just a little longer ... she told me in moans. Soon ... aahhh ... I felt her body shake, making her moan even louder. When he realized this, she quickly put his hand to his mouth. She was happy, satisfied, and she could only make me happy. Now was the time to get something too. I wanted to get into the juicy pussy. I was curious how tight it is.

She immediately climbed into my arms, facing me. She adjusted his cock and let it in ... aahh ... almost at the same time we both sighed. It was tight, I really liked it. She would hold me by the neck and kiss me on the mouth and neck. I had my hands on her buttocks. I squeezed them tightly and directed their movements ... faster and faster.

I was starting to gasp, I was breathing hard, I was tensing quite a bit. I could ejaculate at any moment. Claudia quickly stepped aside, went straight to my penis, took it quickly in her mouth and started sucking it, not very fast. I put my hand on her head and pressed ... directing her movements, faster, faster ... aaahh ... sperms erupted in her mouth. She stopped moving. He kept his lips tight so that not a drop of semen would flow.

Finally, he opened the car door and spat out. We kissed, then arranged our clothes. We were hoping to meet again at a hotel, where we could play at will, but he refused, because ... everything was a mistake and will not happen again ... End.

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