We all know the routine for donating semen.  You go to the sperm bank, they give you a dirty magazine, you masturbate and then you give them the sample.  It's pretty impersonal and probably quite embarrassing for anyone involved.  However, a Chinese company may have revolutionized the way the procedure takes place.

  "Pipe massage"

  They created a massage tube, which eliminates the need for the guy to like doing the job for him.

 Zhengzhou Central Hospital has created a pink, gray and white machine that uses stimuli such as pornography and the aforementioned "massage tube" that mimics a vagina.

  The collector is fully adjustable in height, and users can control speed, frequency and temperature.

  The future of sperm collection?

  If you're interested in buying one, it costs $ 2,800 - it sounds pretty interesting, but I certainly won't buy one for personal use.  However, I see quite a few sperm banks trying this.

  Will it ever replace the company of an escort in Bucharest?  I doubt it.  However, I really believe that the "massage pipe" has a real future!

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