Many boys want to offer their partners a facial.  Ever since the advent of video pornography, I have seen men doing their job on a woman's face.  In that industry, the ending is so common that in fact ejaculation inside the woman is considered more of a niche, "creampie" having its own sub-section.

  However, making your girlfriend let you do this seems a little less common.  I know very well that if I tried with my girlfriend, she would cut my balls.  However, help can be at hand.

 A social media sensation

  A single mother with two children and former glamor model Tracy Kiss told the 150,000 followers on social networks that sperm is actually a great facial cosmetic product.  She even made a video tutorial on how to use it.

  The 28-year-old explained that she received her daily supply of semen from a friend, but then added that she was not involved in semen extraction.  She hits me looking at her because the guy missed a trick there.

  She said: “I think a lot of people are concerned about putting sperm on their face, but it's a very natural and very healthy thing to do.

  "Sperm form babies, they come out very soft and have beautiful skin and they leave my skin beautiful and soft, so I am very happy to use it as a facial treatment.

  "It feels like a face pack that pulls the skin inwards, it feels so shiny that you wipe it.

  "It's like having some kind of oil on your face or a wax where it slides beautifully on the water.

  "It's so refreshing and soothing."

 Major benefits

  Tracy claims that her system relieved her rosacea, a condition she had from birth and which causes redness on her face, burns and blemishes.

 It seems that the idea came to her after talking to a beauty therapist about her condition, for an acid peeling of the face, but she opted instead for the more natural option.

  Well, you can't get more natural than that.

 So, next time you want to get a porn star ending, show this lady this video.  You never know, you might be lucky.

 On the other hand, you wouldn't hold your breath!

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