snobs and erotic stories

snobs and erotic stories

Good friends two kittens

 Having no business,

 They're both on the porch

 And I take her by the paw.


 A muscoi the appointment

 With a slut fly

 He explains why not

 Maybe fuck her again,


 Because flying in the sky

 On a rainy day,

 A helicopter is coming

 And hit him with the balls.


 A mosquito climbed the tree

 Cry with sobs,

 She shit on him in her sleep

 And he's ashamed.


 Two roosters are arguing again

 For a hen,


 And the donkey is still the donkey

 Shoot a whip.


 Coana Manda in the porch

 She cries bitterly and is sad,

 He misses Ionica

 And he ate her pussy.


 Living together


 We live together

 For more than a month.


 Counting without errors

 We fought about 8 times.


 You make me nervous in the morning

 Go to the bathroom to shave your face


 You don't have a beard, you don't have a mustache

 Are you waiting for those three flakes?


 But in the end, it doesn't matter

 Do you know what really bothers me?


 Wait like a pig in all shit,

 You get up without making a bed,


 You eat and don't gather from the table

 It's like you're in the house.

 You don't even touch the dishes

 Well, I'll make you lick them!


 And so many things

 I have another question

 When you take a bath


 Why do you keep your clothes on?


 Panties or stockings

 Do I have nightmares by the bed?

 When I wake up in the morning

 Do you want to fuck my plague?


 When there's a kitchen in the house

 Stay bent and don't even care,


 You live like a barracuda

 Don't you think so?


 When I scold you and scream at you

 Just take my dick out

 What the !?  Is your weapon deadly?

 How come, when she's just getting up?


 And then when you pray for me

 Let me drive you crazy


 When I don't want to and I nod

 Use the closet tool.


 Give it to her good mother


 She's a jerk, leave her alone

 I close my eyes a lot, you know

 I can see you're doing something stupid


 I swear to you, you really rub,

 You take your eggs and leave!

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