slang escorts bucharest part 2

slang escorts bucharest part 2



  Jack Off / Jerk Off - A slang term that means to masturbate.

  John - A slang term for an escort / prostitute client.

  Johnny - Argo for the condom.




  Knockers - breast slang.

  Knocking Shop - Slang term for brothel.




  Lap Dancing - A form of adult entertainment in which a woman dances provocatively while wearing little or no clothes.

  Lash - argo, a lash is a good looking person.

  Lay - To perform sexual intercourse.

  Load - the fluid in an ejaculate.




  Masochism - See Sadism & Masochism.

  Massage - Rubbing, stroking, or kneading a person's body, sometimes with oil, for sensual or sexual pleasure or to relieve stress, pain, or stiffness.

  Massage parlor - A place licensed by local authorities, where women masseurs offer massage services and often prostitution services.

  Masturbation - Sexual stimulation of one's own or another's sexual organs, usually with the hands, but also with other parts of the body or objects.

  Mature - A term used to describe an older woman in the adult world. Escorts up to 30+ will often be described as mature.

  Ménage à Trois - Three people who engage in sexual activities together, often involving a couple and an outside lover.

  Minger - argo for an unattractive woman (derogatory).

  Missionary position - A position during sexual intercourse in which the man is above the woman and is lying between her legs.

  Mistress - A woman who takes control in the role-playing game SM.

  MMF - A group of three men-men-women.

  Muff - argo for the vagina.




  Natasha - Slang term for Russian / Eastern European escort / prostitute.

  Nymphomaniac - A woman who feels compelled to have sex with as many men as possible.

  Walnuts - Argo for testicles.




  O-Levels - euphemism for oral sex.

  Oral - short for oral sex.

  Oral sex - either felatio or cunnilingus, but usually the first in the context of escort discussions.

  Orgasm - the culmination of sexual arousal, usually involving rhythmic contractions of the pelvis and genital muscles, which produces extremely pleasant sensations throughout the body.  In men, it is usually accompanied by ejaculation.

  OTK - Over the knee (sprain).

  Outcall - If the escort visits the client at home or at the hotel.  Opposite the call.

  OWO - Acronym for oral without.  It means that the woman has oral sex with the man without a condom.




  Passive - In the male / male sex the passive partner is the one who receives anal penetration.

  Peeping Tom - A person who gets sexual satisfaction by watching others undress or engage in sexual activity.  Also known as a voyeur.

  Pearl Necklace - A man who ejaculates over a woman's breasts / shoulders / neck.

  Phone Sex - Talks dirty and / or acts of mutual masturbation or caressing while talking on the phone.

  Pimp - A person who induces and / or leads prostitutes.

  POA - Acronym for price on request.  A term often used in escort advertisements in which the escort does not publish her rates.

  Pro - Prostitute.

  Prostitution - The practice of engaging in sexual activities in exchange for money.  A person who engages in such an activity is known as a prostitute.

  Supplier - Prostitute.

  PSE - Acronym for porn star experience, meaning seeing an escort or prostitute who is a porn star.

  Punter - An escort or prostitute client

  Pussy - Argo for the vagina.




  Quickie - A very short sexual act.




  Red Light District - An area of ​​a city or town where prostitution services are readily available.

  Rent Boy - A male prostitute, often young, who provides gay sexual services.

  Reverse - It means the opposite of what is most common between an escort or prostitute and her client.  For example, oral reverse means cunnilingus.

  Ride - argo for sexual intercourse.  A handsome person can also be called a walker.

  Rimming - The practice of licking or sucking a partner's anus.

  RLD - Acronym for red light district.

  Role play - To represent a fantasy or a desire with a partner, e.g.  head and secretary, teacher and student, assistant and patient.

  Rubber - Argo for condom.

  Russian - Argo for inserting the penis between a woman's breasts, simulating sexual intercourse.




  Sadism & Masochism / Sadomasochism / SM / S&M - A form of sexual practice in which pleasure is gained from a combination of sadism and masochism.  Sadism is a form of sexual practice in which one person gets pleasure by causing pain to another.  Masochism is a form of sexual behavior in which a person gets sexual pleasure from feeling pain or because of humiliation or domination.

  Scat - Any sexual practice involving feces.  You also see hard sports.

  Screw - Argo for the act of sexual intercourse.

  Sex - On its own usually means vaginal intercourse.

  Sex slave - A person who consensually chooses to be a BDSM slave or a victim of trafficking.

  Sex worker - A person who is paid for having sex or sexually arousal conditions, including prostitution, striptease, lap dancing, commercial phone sex, and erotic massage.

  Sex toys - Devices that are designed to provide or enhance sexual pleasure, e.g.  vibrators.

  Shag - Irish argo for intercourse.

  Slag - Argo for a promiscuous antipleasant woman (derogatory).

  Slapper - argo for a woman who has or has had many sexual partners (derogatory).

  Slave - A subject who is involved in a slave / master fantasy.

  Slave training - Training a subject in the preference of a dominant.  The behavior of the subject is thus conditioned.

  Slut - Argo for a woman who has or has had many sexual partners (derogatory).

  Snogging - French kiss.

  Snowballing - The act of transferring sperm from one mouth to another.

  Sodomy - Anal sex.

  Solicitation / Solicitation - To provide sexual services in exchange for money, especially in a public place.

  Blow - Blow on another for the sexual satisfaction of one or both parties.

  Spank the Monkey - slang for male masturbation.

  Spoons - A position for intercourse, both partners lying on one side, with the man behind the woman.

  Spunk - Slang for cum.

  Squirt - Argo for female ejaculation.

  Stallion - A male with a very large penis.

  Heterosexual sex - vaginal sexual intercourse.

  Strap On - A vibrator that is worn around the waist by a woman, by means of a belt, to have anal sex with a man.

  Streetwalker - A street prostitute.

  Stud - A man who is in high demand as a sexual partner.

  Submissive / Sub - A subject is a partner who allows the other to dominate.  Ladies who say they are submissive offer to be a submissive partner.

  Sub / Dom - Sexual practices in which the partners assume dominant and submissive roles defined.

  Suck off - To perform oral sex on the penis.

  Sugar Daddy - A man who keeps a younger person for sexual favors.

  Swallow - It means that the woman swallows the man's semen.

  Swinging - Sharing and sharing partners in groups of friends or associates.  Swinging can involve singles or couples having sex in pairs or in groups, in front of each other or in private.

  Switch hitter - A bisexual.




  Tart - A woman who has or has had many sexual partners or is an escort / prostitute (normally derogatory, but not always offensive).

  Tea bags - The act of putting testicles in a partner's mouth.

  Timewaster - A term used by escorts to describe clients who ask questions and make reservations without intending to follow.

  TLC - Acronym for loving loving care.

  Top - Dome in a sub / dome relationship or man penetrating anal in a male / male relationship.

  Tourist Escort - An escort who only tours the area where she is temporarily available.

  Trafficking - Trafficking is the place where vulnerable women and girls from foreign countries are induced to travel to another country to work as prostitutes.  For more information on trafficking, see our human trafficking section.

  Training - Slave training.

  Trick - Argo for sexual services performed by a prostitute.  Turning a Trick is the act of having sex for money.




  Uncovered - No condom

  Uncut - A term used to describe an uncircumcised penis.

  Uniforms - Escorts that promote "uniforms" say they have uniforms in which they can dress for clients, e.g.  schoolgirl, police / bean guard, nurse.




  Vacuum Cleaner - One that applies high suction during oral sex.

  Vanilla Sex - Refers to what society considers standard or conventional sexual behavior.  Often used to describe sex without perverse elements or sex with a missionary position.

  Vibrator - Sexual aid, powered by mains or batteries, that vibrates rhythmically to produce sensual pleasure.

  Vice Squad - A police unit set up specifically to target prostitution.

  Voyeur - A person who enjoys and becomes sexually aroused by following others by undressing or engaging in sexual activities.




  Water Sports - Also W / S.  Sexual urination.  It usually means the escort urinating on the client or for the client to look at him.

  WG - Working girl.

  Whore - An escort, prostitute or sex worker (derogatory).

  With - usually means "with a condom"

  Without - usually means "without a condom".

  Working girl - An escort, prostitute or sex worker.

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