slang escorts bucharest part 1

slang escorts bucharest part 1

The escort business is full of jargon that may not be easy for everyone to understand, especially for those new to the business.  This is a guide to the meaning of different terms that you may encounter in this business.  We have included Bucharest escorts and adult slang, sexual terms and regional slang.




  69 - Simultaneous fellatio and cunnilingus.




  A - Short for anal sex.

  AC / DC - Argo for bisexuals.

  Active - In the male / male sex the active partner is the one who performs anal penetration.

  Age game - Role play that involves pretending to be a child.

  A-Levels - euphemism for anal sex.

  Anal - Abbreviation for anal sex.

  Anal sex - Using the rectum for sexual intercourse.

  Around The World - Argo for kissing the whole body.

  AWO - Acronym for anal without, meaning anal sex without a condom.




  Backdoor - Argo for a woman's anus.

  Bad Client - A term used by escorts / prostitutes to describe dangerous / violent or non-paying clients.

  Bait & Switch - When a bad escort or escort agency uses photos of very attractive ladies, who are not really available in their ads, to "attract" clients.

  Balls - Argo for testicles.

  Bareback - Argo for sex without a condom.

  BBBJ - Acronym for bareback socket, meaning oral sex on a man without a condom.

  BBW - Acronym for big and beautiful woman.  Larger escorts are often described as BBW.

  BDSM - This is a term that describes a number of associated patterns of sexual behavior.  The main subgroups are: Bondage (B), Bondage & Discipline (B&D), Domination & Submission (D&S, DS, D / S) and Sadism & Masochism (or Sadomasochism) (S&M, SM).

  Beat the Meat - Argo for male masturbation.

  Beaver - Argo for the vagina.

  BJ - Acronym for blow job.

  Bi - short for bisexual.

  Bi Curios - A term for someone who is curious or wants to experience bisexual activities.

  Bird - slang term for a woman.

  Blowjob - Blowjob.

  Blue Balls - The severe need to experience sexual orgasm in a man.

  Bold - bold means naughty.

  Bondage - When restrictions are placed on the body.

  Bondage & Discipline - Also abbreviated to B&D.  This could involve more sexual practices, such as slavery, slave training, corporal punishment, and dominant / submissive role play.

  Boner - Argo for an erection.

  Boning - Argo for intercourse.

  Bottom - The subject in a sub / dom relationship or the man who receives anal penetration in a male / male relationship.

  Box - argo for the vagina.

  Brasser - Argo for escort / prostitute.

  Brazilian - A waxing in which most or all of the pubic hair is removed.

  Brothel - A house of prostitution.  this word has negative connotations and brothels tend to be marketed as escort agencies.

  Brown Showers - Another name for hardsports.

  Bugger - To perform anal intercourse.

  Bukkake - A sexual practice in which several men ejaculate on a woman's face.

  Bumhole - Argo for the anus.

  Bush - Argo for the female genital area, especially pubic hair.




  Call Girl - Not used much, but this term means a high class escort or a prostitute who works only outside of her.

  Call Out - Term used which means call.

  Call In - Term used which means call.

  Cat O 'Nine Tails - A whip with several straps.

  Cherry - Argo for the intact hymen of a virgin.  Breaking her cherry means breaking her virginity.

  Clitoris - Short for clitoris.

  CIM - Acronym for cum (ejaculated) in the mouth.

  Coconut - Argo for penis.

  Cock & Ball Torture - Also CBT.  The practice of BDSM to obtain pleasure by causing / receiving painful stimulation to the male genitals.

  COF - Acronym for cum (ejaculated) on the face.

  Coitus - sexual intercourse.

  Completion - Orgasm.  For example, OWO to completion means oral sex without a condom until ejaculation.

  Cowgirl - Position for intercourse, man on his back, woman sitting on top.

  Covered - Used when describing services, to mean with a condom.

  CP - Acronym for corporal punishment.

  Crack - Argo for vagina or buttocks.

  Cream - Argo for ejaculation / cum.

  Creampie - Ejaculation into vagina or anus without a condom.

  Cross Dressing - Sometimes abbreviated to CD, it means to dress like the opposite sex, usually men dress like women.

  How - Come on too.  Argo for orgasm / ejaculation / cum.

  Cunnilingus - Oral sex in which the mouth or tongue is used to stimulate a woman's vulva and clitoris.

  Cunt - Argo for vagina (derogatory).




  Daisy Chain - Sexual activity in which several people stimulate each other's genitals simultaneously.

  Deep Throat - A form of fellatio that involves accommodating the entire length of the penis in the mouth and throat.

  Dick - Argo for penis.

  Dildo - A sex toy, usually made of silicone, rubber, or jelly, that is used to enhance sexual pleasure by inserting it into the vagina or anus.

  Discipline - see Bondage & Discipline

  Dog - argo for an unattractive woman (derogatory).

  Doggie Style - Argo for a sexual position in which the male enters the female from behind.

  Dogging - People go to public places to have exhibitionist sex so that other people (voyeurs) can watch.

  Dogwide - Also Deawide, Wide.  A term used in escort business to describe someone who knows the business well and should not be taken for a fool.

  Domination - Domination is where one partner dominates the other.  Escorts and other ladies who offer dominance offer to be a dominant partner.  Also Dominant, Dom, Domme, Domina, Dominatrix - The person in charge.  If the person is a man, he is called dominant or dom;  if a woman is called domme, domina or dominatrix.

  Double penetration - When a woman is penetrated by two men simultaneously, one in the vagina and one in the anus.

  Dungeon - A place where BDSM activities take place.

  Dyke - A slang term for a lesbian.




  Eating - Argo for oral vaginal sex.

  Escort - A person who sells company.

  Escort Agency - An agency with many book escorts.

  Exhibitionist - A person who obtains sexual satisfaction by displaying his body to others.




  Face Sitting - Argo for the practice of a woman sitting on a man's face, suffocating him.

  Facial - Here a man ejaculates over a woman's face.

  Fanny - Argo for the vagina.

  Family jewelry - Argo for testicles.

  Field report - Also FR.  A review of an experience with an escort or prostitute written by a client.  See the Reviews section for escort reviews.

  Felatio - Kissing, nibbling, licking or sucking his penis.

  Female ejaculation - When a woman ejects fluid from the vagina during orgasm.

  Fetish - An extreme sexual interest in a particular activity, object, or body part.

  Fisting - The art of inserting the entire hand into the vagina or anus.

  Flagellation - Whipping or beating until sexual orgasm.

  Flasher - A man who displays his genitals in public.

  Foot Fetish / Foot Worship - Sexual obsession with feet or shoes.

  Prelude - A term used to describe sexual activity that takes place in the early stages of arousal.

  french - french sex.  Another term for fellatio.

  French Kiss - A kiss with the tongues of one or both partners inserted into each other's mouths.

  Full services - This generally means full sex and fellatio.

  Full sex - vaginal intercourse.




  GFE - Acronym for girlfriend's experience.  A GFE is the place where an escort or a prostitute offers a friendly experience, ie a French kiss, etc.

  Gang-Bang - A sexual practice in which a woman has vaginal sex with several men in succession.

  Gigolo - A slang term used to describe a male escort / prostitute.

  Give Head - To have oral sex.

  Go Down On - For oral sex.

  Ploş de Aur - Water sports.

  Greek - Anal sex.




  Handwork - Masturbation, especially in someone else's hands.

  Hardsports - Also H / S.  Defecation in sexual context.  It usually means the escort who defecates over the client or for the client to follow him.

  Hard On - Argo for male sexual arousal that results in erection and penis hardening.

  Hole - Irish argo for vagina, e.g.  the man says, "I got my hole," that is, he had sex.

  Hooker - Prostitute.

  Horny - Argo to be sexually aroused.

  Humiliation - Humiliation in a sexual context in which a person gains arousal / arousal from humiliation and humiliation.

  Hustler - Prostitute looking for clients, mostly American term.




  Incall - Escort reservation if the client visits the escort.  The opposite of outcall.

  Independent Escort - An escort who works for herself, not an escort agency.

  Infantilism - Infant-like role-playing behavior, e.g.  wearing a diaper.

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