We all like to try weird things in the bedroom, and some of us like to try the more extreme things.  Whether you are in bondage, water sports or just a little role play, there is something for everyone.  However, one of the most common role plays that seems to appear a lot in conversation if the sexy fantasy of the school and seems to really share the opinion.

  For some, it's nothing sexier than seeing your partner dressed like a slutty schoolgirl, chewing gum and biting his lip as you slowly approach them with your penis out.  However, some believe that school fantasy is more creepy than perverse and consider that it crosses a very fine line between what is and is not acceptable in bed.

 Here on the Escorts Barby blog we take a look at the schoolgirl's fantasy and whether it is simply a perverse dream for many or whether it crosses this line in a terrifying and unacceptable way.


 For many people, the schoolgirl's fantasy is simply about uniform.  They like the way their partner looks, and then they love it even more when they work around him, so that they can have the passionate and dangerous sex they longed for.

  It's also a ridiculously easy-to-make uniform.  Yes, you can buy packages from sex shops to use them, which can make things easier, but most people seem to have the essentials for the naughty schoolgirl uniform in their wardrobe anyway, making it one of the most  easy to wear and try with the momentum of the moment.

  For a sexy school, you basically need a skirt, white knee-high socks, a white shirt or blouse, white panties to blink, heels that show what a school you are whore and hair ties to pull your hair  in queues.  Sometimes glasses are also used, just to add the overall effect.

  When it comes to business, the school uniform is great.  In fact, you don't have to undress to enjoy yourself properly, because the skirt can be lifted to reveal the white lace panties and the respective bottom and you can fold them over the desk to show them what it is.

 More than just clothes

  Of course, dressing like a sexy schoolgirl is easy ... but that's not all.  Sure, many think it's just a perverse fantasy in which you simply sneak into the outfit and you're done, but there's so much more to it!

  To say that the schoolgirl's fantasy is just about clothes is like saying that all a dominatrix has to do to control is to slip into a skin or that a masseuse simply puts you in a towel and you're done.  It's really not that simple when you look at it ...

  Attitude is also important.  It is not enough to simply dress like a naughty school girl, you must also have the behavior of one.  Flirting with the teacher without doing your “homework” and little things like that really adds to the experience.

  Saying things like "I was a bad girl, sir" is a great way to spice things up and you can then tell your partner exactly what you will do to punish them for their bad deeds.  Some people love to hear things like "steal me like the dirty bastard I am," because it tells you exactly what they want you to do.

  Why do we love her so much?

  There are a number of reasons why we love the sexy fantasy of school.  For starters, it's a hot uniform.  The short skirt, low-cut shirt and knee-high socks come together to create a lasting image in our minds.

  It is also a taboo.  Taboos are a huge change for us.  It's like putting a big red button in front of us and saying "you can't press the button".  The first thing we will do is press the button.  The whore school works the same way.  Because it is forbidden, we want to try it even harder and that makes it much more fun to do.

  For some of us, it takes us back to our youth, when we were busy hanging out with our classmates.  The hormones went wild and we had a lot of naughty thoughts to go with them ... but now, interpreting the sexy fantasy of the schoolgirl, we can do this between consenting adults who actually know what they are doing in the bedroom, making it even hotter.  even weirder for us.

  Perverted or creepy?

  And yet, for a lot of people, the fantasy of school is just creepy.  The question always appears on the internet and has been quite hotly debated.  A lot of people say that because it takes place between accepting adults, who are aware that it's just a fantasy, it's okay ... and yet it's still questionable.

  People often look at this by saying, "Well, why would anyone wear a school uniform if they didn't have some bad desires there that they'd like to try out legally?" And that's because it's between a pair  of adults who are aware of what they are doing and that it is a fantasy.

  What do you think about the sexy schoolgirl fantasy?  Is it just a little fun to try in the bedroom or is it going a little too close to the wrong line for you to get in the back?

  Why not tell us all about it by leaving a comment in the box below, or you can join the discussion on the Barby Escorts forum.  Is there a really clear line between dressing like something and being something and the schoolgirl's fantasy blurs this line?

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