In what can only be described as a candidate for the world parental play we've seen all year, a man has been arrested for leaving his children in the car while climbing into a motel room to  have sex with a prostitute.  Unfortunately, for "Father of the Year", it turned out that the sex worker was in fact an undercover policewoman.

  The prostitution took place in Santa Ana, Orange County, USA.  It appears that Juan Humberto Martinez was driving an SUV with his two-year-old and five-year-old son in the car with him.  Then she stopped to ask what she thought was a sex worker at the cost of her services.

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  Well, after receiving an answer he would have liked, he asked the young lady to please him while the children were in the car. Bucharest escorts

  When he heard her refusing to do so, he followed her to a motel room, where, instead of taking action, he found a waiting police task force, who quickly arrested him.

  As soon as the "gentleman" was in the cuffs, they called his wife, who was working to clean the office buildings.

  He has now pleaded guilty to child abuse and endangerment and asked for a prostitute.  It is suspected that his wife will not be too impressed either.  Being caught seeing a prostitute is pretty bad, doing this with your kids in the car is beyond normal.  If his balls aren't cut, then he's doing well, I'd say.

  Well, Martinez has to spend 30 days in jail now or do the same amount of Caltrans work (apparently this is a form of community service) if I were him, the mood his wife will be in.  , I would go to jail.

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 It seems that Mr. Martinez is quite upset about the incident.

 He cares a lot about his family and is very upset and wants to make a better choice ", said Martinez's lawyer, Jose Alfredo Hernandez.

  We have to say he's pretty poor.  Obviously, here at Barby Escort, we have no problem with sex work, but this guy needs a shot. 

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