Perversions 1

Perversions 1

-- I want to see you when you fuck the men who come to you. - A little hard. - It is not difficult. I will mount several video cameras. - I do not know what to say. I hope you don't want to put them on porn sites. - No, I just want to masturbate while you take a blowjob. - Pervert! - BitchPervet!


After this discussion, Alice goes to her room.  Her lover wanted to look at her while he was shooting her with his clients.  It was part of their pact not to find out what Matthew was really doing.  She wasn't happy with the idea of ​​Alin setting up cameras and masturbating while she swallowed hard.  Still what to do?  There was already a heat in her mind, given this idea.  Eventually, she is aroused by the fact that her lover masturbates and ejaculates in her underwear.  Also, arouse the thought of fucking her lover in front of Matthew.  Here, he still had a little work to do, because the man was not happy with the idea.  At least, not now.

 Last night, the discussion had not gone as he had wished.  However, the taste of Alin's young penis was still there.  He had swallowed all his seed without breathing.  He wanted to feel it in his mouth again, to suck it lightly, gently, letting the saliva trickle down the boy's glans.

 She sat down on the bed, face up, picked up her summer dress that covered her super body and began to massage herself between her legs, lightly.

 At the door, Alin looks at her and her beautiful pussy, wet, pink, horny.  He took off his sweatpants, and removed his limb from his panties, beginning to rub it lightly.  It was hard as stone, erect, red, full of swollen veins.  She stared at the pussy in front of him and became more and more eager to enter it completely.  she masturbates more and more intensely as Alice rubs her vulva faster and faster.  Although, she had seen him, the woman continued to masturbate as if nothing had happened.  Then he undressed completely, looking provocatively at Alin's cock, and continued the erotic scene right in front of him.  The sweaty palm slid more and more easily on the limb and the movements became faster and faster.  Alin felt that he could no longer and that he had to free himself.  He approached her and releasing hot jets of semen covered her abdomen and breasts with the white and creamy liquid.

 Alice opened the man's door and lured him inside.  She wore only a white velvet fur coat and a pair of tiny panties.

 - Please come in.

 - Thank you.

 - Would you like some coffee?

 - Sure, thank you.

 - Come to the living room.

 The man sat down on the soft cream leather sofa.  He looked at the woman lustfully as he sat down comfortably.  Alice went to the kitchen to get her coffee.  The man, a man in his 60s, quite fat, with a belly spilling over the belt of cloth pants, was looking forward to starting the action.  But he liked the fact that he received him nicely and offered him coffee.


 - I brought you coffee.

 - Thank you very much.  You're cute.

 - Thank you.

 - You're a very beautiful woman.

 - Thank you very much.

 - Do you like perversions?

 - Not really.  Depends.  What are you thinking about?

 - I want you to piss on your face and swallow.

 - I think it's okay.

 - Are you married?  Do you have kids?

 - Yes, I am.  I have a boy.

 - Do your husband and son know what you do?

 - Not.


 The man smiled and began massaging his testicles as he unbuttoned his shirt.


 - Take off your fur.  I want to see your breasts.


 A little embarrassed, Alice complied and taking off her fur, she revealed her beautiful, pear-shaped breasts, not very big but firm and appetizing.


 - Give it to him.


 The man grabbed the woman's fur and continued to massage as she sniffed the velvet underwear.  He opened the buckle on his belt and then the prohab.  He lowered his hand in the trouser to his pants and, putting it in his panties, began to rub the tool with it.  Alice was a little upset but didn't say anything.  She continued to rub her limb against her fur for a few good minutes, during which time she looked at her breasts without saying anything.  Alice stood in the middle of the room without making a gesture, watching as her lace was violated by that perverted man.

 Finally, unbuttoning all the buttons on his shirt, leaving his slender and hairy belly visible, he lowered his pants and panties to his ankles to free his penis.  It was a small limb that was covered more by the left belly and the rather large balls.  She continues to masturbate with her fur.


 - Get on your knees and take it in your mouth.


 The man ordered.  The woman obeyed without saying anything.  She sat on her knees in front of the man and taking his cock in her mouth, began to suck it lightly.  It was easy to put it all up to her neck, then take it out and leave traces of saliva dripping on the balls and then on the leather sofa.


 - Take the balls in my mouth, bitch.


 Alice leaves her penis and grabs the man's testicles with her whole mouth.  He knew how to make a quality fellatio.  He liked to feel the limb in his mouth.  She was sensual, she did it well, she did it with delicacy and pleasure.  It didn't matter what the penis looked like.  She liked to feel it in her mouth, to feel its taste.  He liked the smell.  She licked it lustfully, it didn't matter that it was an old and small penis.


 The man was horny at the top.


 He grabbed her head and stuffed his cock in her mouth until he touched her, the little man in the throat.  It was enough to do this a few times and waves of hot cum began to spill from the limb into the woman's throat.  The man continues to hold her by the head as he releases his seed into her mouth.  Alice struggled not to drown as she swallowed every drop of the precious liquid.  After a few seconds of strong spasms, the man lay on his back, leaning against the back of the couch, satisfied and calm.  Alice continues during this time, to lick the semen from the man's limb and balls and to suck the semi-flaccid penis.


 Alin was looking at these images on his computer.


 He was sitting in his office chair, completely naked, with his limb in his hand, masturbating to the scenes with his mistress.


 Alice got up and sat down on the couch next to the man.  He spread her legs and began to rub her pussy through her tiny panties.  Then he leaned over her and began to kiss her lustfully as he abused her horny, sublime, lively breasts.  After a while he stood up in front of her.


 - Get on your knees, bitch.


 The woman complied and, getting up from the couch, knelt in front of the man.  He grabbed it ... it will follow

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