OCTAVIA (erotica...)

OCTAVIA (erotica...)

How does he feel?  We've been talking on the net for a few weeks.  As usual, he showed me his cock and balls when I was chatting on the net.  I masturbated, showing her pussy.  I watched his cock and balls masturbate.  I squealed a few times, spraying the camera lens.  I hope he liked ...

 I don't know what made me want to see him.  I met him in Cismigiu, a place known to everyone.  He insisted on not wearing panties, a strange request, but one that sexually incited me.  I asked him to hold a carnation in his hand to recognize him.  I rubbed my pussy in the taxi, the driver didn't notice.  I wanted to be wet when I met him.  We didn't know each other's faces, we had only seen our organs on the net.

 I didn't know what the guy looked like, I'd probably have recognized him by the cock he rubbed daily in front of the camcorder.  It wasn't until he ejaculated, seeing her squirt, that I began to orgasm.

 Next to me, a very young guy was sitting on the bench.  Should he be?  I took my eyes off him, hmmm !!!  Looks good!  I'd dare fuck him ... Does he like me?  I told her I was 45, she said she preferred mature women.  The young man I was dreaming of got up from the bench and took his girlfriend in his arms.  She was blonde, with long hair, just like me when I was 18 years old.  I remember my neighbor Costel calling me from behind the house, spreading my legs and sticking his tongue in my pussy.  It was his pleasure, sometimes I felt pleasure too, most of the time not!  It amused me to see him paw after licking me in the pussy.

 Why did he tell me on the phone not to wear panties?  I'm pissed off, what does this guy want from me?  I was in a rather lonely place, I felt a bit awkward sitting on the bench in the park, and without panties on.  Discreetly, I rubbed my pussy to keep her wet, who knows what this male is up to.

 I could smell it before I saw it.  A smell of cheap tobacco and alcohol.  He left the carnation at my feet, which he spread wide.  He stared lustfully at my pussy.  What to expect, I thought.  Before I knew it, I could feel her fingers penetrating my pussy.  Then his tongue sucking my lick.  She took turns sucking my pussy lips, then stuck her tongue in my pussy.  I was in a public place, what the hell is this man doing?  Reading my eyes, he took me by the arm and led me to the car.

 I didn't see very well where we were going, I just remembered the door of the apartment I was pushed into.  There was a sordid spell in this apartment.  I was thinking how I got into this erotic game, I have to get it to the end, I said to myself, This man has to calm down, otherwise I won't get rid of him!

 I looked at him before taking his cock in his mouth.  I gave him a blowjob about three times, I could feel his cum in my throat.  I had never met such a vigorous man.  On closer inspection, he was quite a handsome male.  He whispered in my ear that he wanted to fuck my pussy.  I put on a goat, I know that's how men like to fuck their wife.  Me too, only they don't know that!

 I felt his cock enter me.  My vagina tightened with pleasure.  He was so fierce that he fucked me in the pussy and ass.  I let him put it where he likes it.

 I fucked in the ass when she said she wanted to finish.  I felt his cum fill my ass.  Then he gasped a few more times and I felt something unusual.  A hot jet washed my ass.  I had never felt this way before.  He had pissed in my ass after ejaculating.


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