mature slave

mature slave

I really aspired to make her my slave, even though she is old… In everyday life I wouldn't fuck her for free, she is far below my standards.  In 30 years, maybe I will fuck women who look the way she looks today, but then I will also retire.

 Then followed a whole story, that he has no clients, that no clients come to him and I gave it in other discussions.  I explained to him that my offer was fixed and that the amount I offered him was decent.

 I started the action as she entered the bedroom, with a few phlegms that I shot on her face, after which I grabbed her jaws and I shot a few more phlegms in her mouth.  She didn't make a gesture, but instead looked me straight in the eye with hatred and started rubbing her breasts, which are quite loose, which is normal for her age.  This is probably a porn attitude in her mind, I thought she looked like a Chucky doll.  He has no idea what a porn attitude means, the look rather scares you if you are weaker than an angel.

 I ordered him to come with me to the bathroom.  I made her sit down, lick my ass, then I pissed on her, in my hair, on my face, in my mouth.  But I didn't manage to remove everything from the bladder, due to the erection, even if it was partial.  The slave accepted everything I asked of her.  When I had the opportunity, as she was stuck with her tongue in my ass, I would put her aside and pull her palms 2-3 times, telling her that I wanted to see more involvement.

 Back in the bedroom, I ordered him to play with his tongue on the cock's head without hands and without putting it all in his mouth.  Having such a grandmother in front of my eyes, I can't say that I was very aroused, my dick wasn't really up.  He sucked for about 5 minutes without comment.

 Then I made her give me some tongues in my ass again.  He complied immediately.  She licked her ass with pleasure, she could see on her face that she was licking a lot of crap in her life.  He also confirmed to me that the thing he likes the most is to give tongues in the ass.  After about 5 minutes I told her that I didn't feel her tongue deep enough in her ass and I turned her over, gave her 2 rows of palms over her face and another 3 phlegms in her mouth and face and then I  ordered to go on all fours to the bathroom, where he would wait for me on his knees with his mouth open.

 Due to the partial excitement I managed a grandiose piss, it seemed to me that it never ended.  I pissed on her as she lay down and slapped her on the snout a few more times.  He swallowed pissed as if it were plain water until he drowned.  Seeing the situation, I started to fuck her in the mouth, with my cock full of piss.  Again he did not comment on anything.  There was no way.

 We moved into the room again, she on all fours, of course, and I ordered her to lick my legs and suck my toes.  He obeyed without hesitation.  Then I put another phlegm on her eyes and went to bed where I put her tongue in my ass again.  He complied and began to stick his tongue deep.  At this moment I felt that he gave up any dignity, he practically asked me for permission to lick my ass.  This time I felt him lick my ass with all my passion.

 Next I said it was time to fuck her ass.  Because of the humiliation I was subjecting her to, I had a concrete cock and I think I fucked her ass for a while.  Lubrication provided by her, orally: when it no longer slides well, I made her suck his cock and moisten it strongly.  He has no restraint, sucks the cock out of his ass with maximum aplomb and does it with great pleasure, even if he still comes out with traces of….  what is there.  Unfortunately, the girl doesn't help her at all.

 When I felt I was about to let go, I put it in my mouth, slapping and phlegming her eyes.  He finished me orally swallowing all the cum and licking his cock until he cleaned it.

 She asked me if I wanted to wash and I replied that I wanted to pee in her mouth again.  He went on all fours to the bathroom where he was waiting for me on his knees with his mouth wide open.  I ordered her to lie on her back and pissed on her face in my mouth.  Everything he received in his mouth he swallowed.

 That was all.  I liked


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