Make room between your legs

Make room between your legs

Of course, after I took your mind and met her.  After I have given you good reasons to let me enter your area to which not many men have access.

 I want to penetrate you there, between your legs, in the place where all the pleasures gather and materialize in the blink of an eye.  To make you feel warm, full of desire to make a magnificent one tonight.  I want you to feel me or, better said, to feel how much excitement you produce without too much effort.  I will not shy away from anything;  just like I told you before, I like to see you satisfied, to see you when you bite your lip or when you tell me you want more.

 I will penetrate you and, for one night, I will turn your world upside down.  You can choose the position where we start, because, anyway, it will not matter where we end.  And when we're done, I'll let you know if it was okay, if you want more, or if not, what's left.  Of course, everything can be adjusted from communication, because none of us can read minds.

 I'm writing to you at the moment.  When evening falls, we will materialize.  Now, imagine two pleasure points stimulated simultaneously.  Both in the area between the legs.  I know, you're smiling.  That's the way it should be - a man should make you smile, and you, in turn, should produce the same reaction.  In both love and sex, equality must happen.  Ah, don't think I'm going to do magic in bed, just concrete things, things that will relax you, things that will leave you weak.  You can find magic at shows with magicians or at those who sell illusions.  In bed, you and I have sex with each other.  I set that up, okay?

 Okay, now let's move on to the next point.  What fantasies do you have?  What do you wish?  What can't you and I can offer you?  I have some ideas, but I am also waiting for yours, to make sure that you will not forget the nights with me and the days when I love you so much.  That's what you deserve, my dear

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