Lesbian show ... I just watched

Lesbian show ... I just watched

I've been wanting a threesome for a long time. Between us, between me and my wife, let there be another woman. For a time I kept this fantasy to myself, when my wife was on top of me and jumping on my cock, I imagined two women ... on her and another woman kissing, caressing each other, moaning, and let me watch them and masturbate. Why just look at them? ...

Because my wife is very possessive and would not stand for another woman to touch me. Instead, I was content with just this lesbian show, and maybe in time, my wife would get used to the idea and have both of us, have sex in threes.

In one of our moments of intimacy, my wife was on top of me, her cock deep inside her ... moving faster and moaning quite loudly. I sucked her breasts, I looked more aroused than ever. Then I took her breast out of her mouth and told her.

- I want to see another woman suck your breasts ... they're wonderful ..."

Elena heard me, rolled her eyes at me and said nothing, then closed her eyes and started jumping harder on me. Soon, while I had a breast in my mouth, she had a strong orgasm. Later, after taking a shower, I came to the room where Elena was lying on the bed. Then she asked me what I meant earlier.

After I told her about my fantasy that I wanted to have sex with three of us, two of us and another woman, she admitted that what I told her excited her very much, but she still didn't think to share it with me. another woman. That's when I decided I'd just watch. I liked her proposal. She may be excited to find out what it's like to have sex with another woman. I also think it excited her that I was just watching them.

That's how I met Maria. A 25 year old hot tempered brunette, slim at the waist, very beautiful. I liked her, I really wanted to have sex with her, but she only wanted women. At first it bothered her that I should look at them, but after seeing a picture of my wife she changed her mind.

The long-awaited moment. Maria came to our house. I felt Elena quite excited. Honestly, I was a little excited and excited at the same time. I was going to see that woman completely naked in my wife's arms, and that only made me erect when I thought about it.

To accommodate, we sat in the living room to get to know each other better and get rid of emotions. Maria was also emotional, it was the first time she would be seen by a partner's husband. After a relaxing time and a glass of wine, it was time to move into the bedroom.

In the bedroom, everything was ready ... the bed arranged, the light dimmed. The two women approached each other, stroked each other. My penis tightened in my pants. When they touched his lips ... I reached for the prohab, squeezing my cock firmly. Slowly, they undressed each other. I could see them both naked on the bed ... caressing and kissing. My wife had come into the game very well.

She may have had this secret from me, but she didn't have the courage to tell me. Horny at the top, I quickly took off my clothes. I was standing by the bed, watching them and masturbating slowly, panting lightly. Seeing the two women riding, kissing, stroking ... they sucked each other's breasts ... Maria went straight between my wife's legs and started licking her, pulling her breasts ... I was so aroused that I ejaculated profusely in my palm.

I went to the bathroom to wash, when I came back, they were in position 69 and were licking noisily. I loved watching them, hearing them moan. They changed positions several times ... when Elena was on top and Maria was under her, kissing incessantly, and vice versa.

As I massaged my cock, the two rubbed their pubes against each other. It was obvious that Maria had experience, she drove everything, and Elena was just following her. From time to time the two looked at me rubbing my glans. I think Maria was kind of craving my cock. I own a big cock. As she looked at me, she seemed to want him. My wife looked at me too, I think it excited her to feel looked at, and that made her more involved, more eager to give Maria pleasure.

Elena went between Maria's legs ... trying to lick her the same way her Maria had done. Maria grabbed her hair by the tail and pressed it to her pussy. They continued like this until Maria had an orgasm. They were calmer. They sat on their side on the bed, stroked their cheeks, and kissed their lips briefly.

Elena looked Maria in the eye and said something rather slow. Being a little further away from them I couldn't understand. All I understood was that Maria agreed, nodding ... but I didn't know why. I trembled slightly, rubbing my penis vigorously and no longer wondering what they were talking about. My wife motioned for me to go to bed. Until she told me ... come on, come on! ... I didn't comply.

They were kissing ... I was rubbing my cock on my knees above their heads ... I was watching them kiss, I could hear every touch of my lips, every sound of the kiss ... aaahhh ... I shouted loudly ... come on! ... they kept kissing ... the cum shot hard on their cheeks and lips. I could see them collecting semen from their lips ... each cleaning each other's cheeks with semen, and that made me very excited.

It was a great show. If now my wife agreed that I would ejaculate on them, I was convinced that next time she would let me have sex with Maria.

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