What is a kiss?  Definition of kiss

 What do you think ?  Is there love without kissing?  It is the act that cannot lie.  His absence in a sexual act raises a question mark over the existence of love.  Kissing is an individual work of art that represents everyone.  Everyone kisses in their own way.

 The first port for the best kiss in the world would be oral hygiene.  Bad breath, unkempt teeth and foul odors cut any lead and put your partner on the run.  Clean your teeth regularly, floss, rub your tongue and fix your dental problems

 Also, don't forget the rest of your body. It would be quite difficult to enjoy a long, passionate kiss with someone without feeling the rest of their body.  Your body must be as clean as possible at all times and smells good So use perfumes, deodorants and ... Keep your hair clean, maybe your girlfriend or boyfriend runs his fingers through it or who knows put his nose in there.

 The benefits of using lubricants during foreplay and sex are strongly recommended by sexual counselors.  Make sure that your kisses are smooth and slippery - Body hydration is also needed here - the 2 liters of water required are also present in the field of the perfect kiss.

 Cracked and dry lips are a sign of disease. Therefore, I chase the kiss.  Chewing gum is a bad habit that many of us share.  Use conditioner or a lippstick on your lips - extra virgin olive oil and black tea is even better

 Eating food and chewing gum while kissing is totally unsuitable.

 Respecting the person during the kiss is important. Do not turn the kiss into an acceptance password for the actual sexual act, to act quickly to undress your partner. How embarrassing is the hasty kiss received from someone who does not want to look into your eyes  but whose hands snatch your clothes at the speed of light

 No one forces you to unzip your pants while kissing. During the kiss, the hands are used to wrap around the waist, caress the back, tenderly tangle the strands of hair or even pull your head back for a deeper kiss.  .  so touch the delicate skin at the base of the neck, or if you feel more macho firmly immobilize your wrists for an erotic and exciting kiss on both sides. Obviously, when kissing do not keep your hands in your pockets because you are not waiting for the bus.

 No need to hold your breath while kissing, remember you have a nose!  It's hard to stay conscious during a long, passionate kiss, but it's just as important to get back to your surface from time to time.  In fact, allow her a comfort break, looking into their eyes and just give her a tight hug without the contact of her lips.  The end of the kiss is delicate, breaking it is like a dream awakening.

 Do not rush to eat it, Every kiss has a beginning, a beginning and an end.  It is a love novel, a dance.  The kiss starts shyly, by groping and testing kisses or starts frantically like "I'm hungry for you"… But to be successful you have to take into account the other, to be authentic.

 If you keep the above tips in mind, before and during the kiss, your partner will definitely appreciate the joy and romance.  You will enjoy it more, your confidence will increase and you will affirm ts position as a caring and attentive partner.

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