You must be crazy about getting a massage, right?  No one can refuse a sexy knead.  But are you just as excited about giving a massage as you are about getting one yourself?  Most people have a negative answer to this question, even though they never thought about it that way.

  Personally, I love massaging my partner as much as I love him playing with my body.  Now, don't be so quick to call me weird.  Just listen to what I have to say first.

  While I can't explain the amazing feeling I get when I pleasure someone, I can explain how technically great massage makes me feel.  Or should I say awake?

  When I get one, I feel everything from a passive perspective.  OK, I can say "harder", "slower", but when I give one, I enjoy playing with my partner's body.

  Pleasure comes from both giving and receiving, right?  I am fascinated by the way my hands can relax his entire body, the way his muscles respond to my touch.  And of course... there are also erotic massages!  (Pretend you just saw me wink now).

  A massage is a strengthening erotic story for a relationship

  If you think that 5 minutes spent massaging her neck will give you the best sex you've ever had, you're far from achieving what all men who use their hands correctly achieve.  At the same time, if you bounce on your back, you won't strengthen his penis and make his tongue eager to pleasure you.

  You just need to gather all the hidden passion in you, all the love you have for your partner and put them together with some kinky thoughts and of course your horny self and you get the best ever.

 A passionate massage can help strengthen not only a penis, but also the spiritual bond between the two of you.  Yes, it is much more than just a massage.  It involves communication, though not much words, more than physical pleasure, and most of the time it ends in fireworks if you know what I mean. Find out what your partner wants

  Before you get ready to give your partner an amazing relaxation session, you need to choose the type of massage, right?  Can't you get ready for a Swedish massage if she likes Nuru?  And definitely don't spoil her with one of the soapiest massages if she asks for a Thai!

 Yes, your favorite thing doesn't have to be your partner's, and that doesn't mean you're not good together.  If you don't fight for it.  Then you definitely don't make a good team.

  For example, call me a pervert, but I love Nuru massages.  And I love giving them more than receiving them, so I guess you could say "Good luck with it!".  I'm also lucky that my partner isn't picky at all, as long as there are no clothes involved and there's plenty of oil or soap available.

  What you need to do is find out what your partner likes and then make a hot scene out of it!

  Get ready for a special treat

  If you are reading this it means that you want to please your partner with a massage and enjoy it at the same time.  You better like it because if you don't your boyfriend will know!  And this is not a startup!

  After you have chosen the type of massage with which you want to please your companion, you must think about yourself.  Yes, selfish little one, if you want to make someone feel relaxed, you have to heal your tense body.  No, don't ask your girlfriend to give you a sexy back massage.  Not yet!

  Personally, I treat myself to a long hot bath and a glass of champagne, right before the massage session.  I also make sure the house smells fantastic, the lights are low and the music is sexy.  Yes, I do it for the person I love, but also for me.  It makes me happy!  And when I am happy and relaxed I spread pleasure everywhere.  So will you!

  Then dress up in something hot or nothing at all and get ready for a sexy night you'll both remember.  Just remember to have your passion with you and be in the moment.  Not only do your hands make your lover's muscles relax, but your vibration will get you both connected, aroused, and ready to go from a hot massage to a steamy sex session.

  So as you can see, while you thought a massage might make you happy when you're the receiver, it can also be amazing when you give it.  If you don't believe me, why not do it!  Just don't give your partner a massage because you have to, do it because you want to!  And put some feeling in it!

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