I want another man for my wife, and I want to watch

I want another man for my wife, and I want to watch

I've had a fantasy for a long time. At first it was just an innocent idea ... what would it be like to happen?! ... but over time, this idea has taken shape and I want it more than ever. I want my wife to have sex with another man, and I want to watch. I find it exciting now and I really want that to happen. Every time I think about it, I get really excited. Many times, when I have sex with my wife, I think that I am not the one above her and penetrating her. I imagine he's another man ... maybe ...

With a penis bigger than mine, although I'm not bad about it either. This thought became more and more oppressive. I feel that the only way is for this dream to happen so that I can get rid of it. It's true that I don't know if it will be exciting in those moments and I don't know how I will react, especially if my wife wants this all the time ... but I still want this to happen.

The only impediment ... is my wife. I haven't told her and I still don't have the courage to tell her what I'm thinking. I'm afraid of her reaction. There is no communication between us on the subject of sex, and this makes the discussion on this topic more and more difficult. Eventually I came up with the idea to give her suggestions while we both had sex. I thought maybe it would help. Excited to the max, otherwise she will perceive what I will whisper in her ear.

I had made my plan when and how to act. We were alone at home, the children were with her parents for the whole weekend. My wife felt something. He saw me making some preparations in the bedroom. He must have realized that I want to have fun, have sex without being bothered. I even turned off the phones silently.

I took a quick shower, then went to her, wearing only a towel around my waist. I took her in my arms and kissed her. He got caught immediately. We hugged like that and kissed for minutes, then I told her it was time to go to the bathroom, and I waited for her in the bedroom. As soon as he left, I took off my towel and climbed into bed. Telling her about my fantasy while having sex seemed like a good plan, but how do I tell her that? I didn't want to ruin everything, and then say goodbye to my fantasy.

When she came back ... she was completely empty ... mmm ... my penis was coming to life. She climbed on top of me, sat on my penis with all his weight, and moved provocatively. My penis had become so hard that it started to hurt a little. I was glad he got up from me, but not totally. She came upstairs ... she wanted me to make her cunilingus, in her favorite position ... above me. She likes to control everything.

While I was enjoying her sweet pussy, she leaned back and grabbed my cock with her hand. Rub it lightly. In those moments I was thinking ... like another man was now on her head, she was sucking him lustfully, and I was going to see everything. Thoughts amplified my erection. I could feel my penis getting bigger and bigger. At the same time ... I was penetrating her deeper and deeper with my tongue.

My wife had no idea what I was thinking, but I could hear her saying ... aahh ... Marius, how well you are doing! It's obvious you feel like having sex today ... mmm ... ddaa ... My wife, fully aroused, started moving faster. He rubbed his lips to my lips, and I love it. She moaned loudly and moved quickly from her body. She didn't last long and the strong orgasm made her scream with pleasure.

He did not immediately step aside. She was shaking hard, and I kept licking her sweet-sour taste. He stood up, then sat down perfectly for position 69. The second portion of cunilingus followed. I was holding her buttocks, pulling her towards me, her tongue deep in her vagina. He moaned with my cock in his mouth and moved his body randomly, rubbing his pussy against my mouth.

After a while, she stood up and said to me ... I want you! ... I want your cock! ... She immediately sat on her back, I climbed on top of her and went deep into her. He grabbed my buttocks with his hands and pressed me hard. He was directing my movements ... faster and faster.

During this time I kissed her neck, cheek and ear. From time to time I whispered exciting words in his ear. She moaned even louder. He approved of every word or phrase I said to her. I was still emotional. I knew that would be the time when I should have told her, but I couldn't tell him directly, so as not to ruin everything. I dared to tell him ... but how. I was talking to her and I imagined she was someone else having sex with my wife.

- You like?!

- Ddaaa ...

- Do you like my cock? ... Is it big for you?

- Yeah ... I really like it ... I want it in me all the time ...

- Would you like a bigger penis? One longer and thicker? ... I said excited and excited at the same time.

- Yeah ... I want a big cock ... I'd love to ..." she said as she moaned.

I wanted to continue the dialogue, but I didn't know how. Maybe that was enough for now, and I'd better go on with other suggestions about my fantasy. I closed my eyes, imagining that there was another man above her and penetrating her deeply and quickly. I was already shaking with emotion and excitement. I imagined the man an energetic fuck, and she was screaming and struggling pleasure ...

And for me to watch and masturbate horny ... or ... another better idea, for my wife to have oral sex with me in those moments. His mouth was full of my cock and his vagina vigorously penetrated by that man. With these scenes in mind, I penetrated her vigorously ... harder and harder ... I tensed.

I didn't realize that she was quite tense and very excited too. Before I ejaculated, I heard her scream. The strong orgasm made her express herself much louder. I gasped hard and penetrated her aggressively. With one last effort ... I stopped deep in her, then collapsed on top of her. The warm seed had sprung strongly into her vagina.

She stroked my shoulder and buttocks. He kissed me on the cheek. If she knew what my thoughts were ... would she still be so loving with me?

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