how to play with breasts

how to play with breasts

The breasts are one of the most sensitive parts of a woman's body and play a vital role during a love match.  Knowing how to touch your breasts and play with them during intimacy is important because it leads to higher levels of arousal.

 The hormone oxytocin in a woman's body is responsible for the excitement caused by breast caressing.  Popularly known as "cuddle hormone", this hormone that feels good is released when the breasts are caressed even during breastfeeding.  It also stiffens the nipples during caressing.

 The following means can be used to please the breasts

 Some useful tips

  One of the most important things is to know that not all breasts are the same.  In this case, there is no specific way to caress the breasts and what worked for one woman may not work for the others.

 Some women want to caress their breasts in a soft way, while others want to be rougher.  A good way to lure a woman is to run your fingers over the edges of the breasts and gently touch where they fall, using only your fingertips.  It is important to stay away from grabbing and kneading your breasts in any way.

 Light touching is encouraged because the breasts have nerve endings and too much stimulation can cause pain.

  After a light erection, it can be seen on the nipples and this is the best time to caress them and play with them.

 Placing the nipple between the forefinger and the thumb increases the pleasure too much.


  There are women who enjoy it when the areolas (the entire dark surface where the nipple is placed) are strongly pulled or pushed, while others enjoy it more when the areolas are pinched or twisted.  Therefore, it is recommended that the person who stimulates the breasts try different techniques as you notice the signals that a woman sends, such as breathing, moans and movements.


  Using the mouth is an additional and safe way to stimulate the breasts.  One starts by making circles around the nipple and tapping it lightly with the tongue.  Using the tip of the tongue makes it easier to detect changes in the nipple, such as when they become larger and tighter, thus helping you train when it is turned on.

  With the nipple in your mouth, playing with different movements makes you realize what works best for her, because every woman is different.  The other breast should not be left out, but should be caressed, while alternating between sucking the two breasts.

 It's about constantly going in and out with the nipple in your mouth.  This discontinuous suction makes the nipple feel pressure.  This sucking process ends with licking the breasts everywhere with generosity and moisturizing.

 Another way to play with your breasts is to use your hands while working on your breast with your mouth.  The hands are used to gently squeeze the breast that is being breastfed while the other hand is caressing the other breast.

  This should be done starting from the base and squeezing everywhere, then slowly moving your hand up until it reaches the top of the nipple.

 Bringing oils into the bedroom

 Sometimes you should consider putting massage oil on your palm and rubbing it on your breasts.

  Breast sensitivity among women also varies from woman to woman.  In most cases, women with large busts have a lower sensitivity compared to those with small busts, while breast enhancement surgery also affects this.

 Contrary to the belief that the nipples are the most sensitive part of the breasts, the upper, lower and lateral are responsible for stimulation and therefore it is important to invest in beautiful bras that support and soothe those sensitive parts.

  In conclusion, the pleasure of a woman's breasts is a matter of understanding her and how her body works.

  If you still need help when it comes to the pleasure of a woman's breasts, do not hesitate to call and book an appointment with one of the escorts in Bucharest.  They are experts in the art of love and will have a lot of practical advice for you.

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