how to make a perfect paw

how to make a perfect paw

As excited teenagers, smoking and kissing on our father's couch were enough to make us faint with pleasure.  As we discovered oral sex and penetration, we quickly fostered these seemingly superior sensations and began to neglect hand stimulation.  In doing so, we were able to narrow down our sexual repertoire and forget how pleasant a good paw can really be.

 A paw is great for new couples who are not ready for the intimacy of sexual intercourse, but want to explore and discover what they like and dislike.  For long-term couples, the mixture of sensation he will get from you by stroking his genitals with one hand, your thighs with the other and your lips tightly glued to his will will be heavenly.  There is something very erotic about doing a paw, whether it is part of the prelude or an act in itself, it can be fun for those who give and receive.  It's time to renew an old classic;



 Always use lubricant, as a dry paw with your hand can be a miserable and painful experience.  When you offer a wet paw, you can practically treat your hand like a mouth or a vagina and whatever you do will be amazing.

  Make your self at home

  This seems obvious, but finding a position where you feel comfortable, relaxed, and have easy access to your partners' genitals, nipples, testicles, and inner things is essential for an excellent paw.  You are more likely to take your time and have the balance and freedom to use both hands to tease and caress him.  We recommend that you either make him lie down and frame his chest as he faces the penis, or make him sit in front of the bed while you sit on it.


  Variety is the spice of life and is the key to an excellent paw and an excellent sex life.  So mix speed and pressure;  it starts slowly and then accelerates as his arousal increases.  Don't be afraid to stop and start rubbing your testicles or thighs - it gives you time to rest your hands and he will look forward to you coming back!  However, do not stop completely unless asked to do so.

  Two hands = double the pleasure

  You can double the pleasure of your partner using both hands to stimulate.  Try different techniques to increase sensitivity and make it wild.  Manipulate his penis with both hands working accurately;  let the first hand lower its axis, followed directly by the other.  As she approaches orgasm, continue to caress her shaft with one hand, while gently massaging her perineum (the delicate area between her testicles and anus) with the other hand.  This area is full of nerve endings and will increase the pleasure.

   Place the erection between both palms, keep your fingers outstretched and rotate as if trying to light a fire.



  Turn your hand upside down so that when you grab it by the penis you look at the back of your hand and your thumb is at the bottom.  Slowly move up the shaft, twisting until you reach the head.  Holding the tree with one hand, let your palm slide over your head.  Close your palm over your head and start massaging

 Give it a move

 Squeeze the penis with both hands, grasping the weak skin on both sides.  Then start moving your penis back and forth slowly, slowly and gently, while holding the skin.  This may sound painful, but it feels amazing.

 Run rings around Him

 With your index finger and thumb you can create a cock ring.  Using both hands, make two rings around the penis.  Start in the middle of the shaft and then slide the rings in opposite directions simultaneously.


  Whatever technique you use, don't forget to tease.  Every few minutes, reduce the pressure and speed for a few seconds before returning to the original pace.  Try to do this as many times as you can (and he can handle it).

 Take it to the next level


  Accessories can be a great way to mix things up by adding extra texture to a paw.  Don't be afraid to get creative, but don't forget to start easy and see if your partner enjoys it.  A popular prop is a string of beads or pearls (check for rough edges) that can be easily wrapped around the hand.  Simply let the beads roll up and down the shaft, paying special attention to the head.  It is guaranteed to make him orgasm.

 No two boys are alike, so you'll have to experiment with different movements, speeds and textures to discover what he loves.  If you are not sure, ask him if he is feeling well.  Have him get his hands on you to guide you, or you could even ask him to give you a practical demonstration.  Bring this classic to life and enjoy the pleasure it will bring to both of you!

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