Sex is a pretty intimidating task, especially with a new person.  Okay, so we all like to think of ourselves as sexual gods and goddesses, able to give orgasms with nothing more than lightning, but that's not how it works.  We want it to be, but it's not.  Instead, we have to put in a lot more effort and even then you don't have the guarantee that you will have fun.

  The pressure we are facing is unrealistic.  It is expected to last long enough in bed to give them an amazing orgasm or two, while you have a penis of the right size.  There are so many factors to having the right sex that it can be hard to remember what are the essentials to impress a new partner in bed.

  Fortunately, here at BarbyEscorts, we have some tips that will definitely help you when you want to impress a girl in bed, so read our guide and see if you can pick up some new tips to try in the future.

  He speaks badly

  Dirty talking is not just something you can do in the bedroom.  It's actually a really practical thing to do, especially with a new partner, because you might both get so caught up in the moment when you confess some of the deepest and sexiest fantasies you can then have.  explore together.

  The key to talking dirty is not to go too far.  This can be difficult to do, especially when some people think that sending an unsolicited photo is actually just a harmless flirt, but starting slowly is the key.  Tell them how hot and sexy she looks in that outfit and choose a certain body part that you think looks amazing.  If they're in a dress that shows your figure, telling them it makes their ass look so tempting to you.  Let your eyes linger for a moment to let them know that you are looking at them and to love what you see.

  From there you can go on to say that you would like to see them in their clothes and that you have ideas of things you can do when the dress is on the bedroom floor.  They may ask you for more information, which you can provide if you wish, but perhaps you should take the opportunity to ask what they would like to do.  In this way, together you create a hot fantasy.

  Mix the foreplay

  As a woman, I can tell you that foreplay, like many programs you run on your computer, has a default setting.  There tends to be a few kisses on the neck, which work slowly down the body, with a little oral sex and finger touch before sex happens.

  This can become very boring very quickly and if you want to make your sex session hot and memorable, you need to move away from the usual foreplay techniques.

  Not sure what to do?  Make yourself a game.  Tell yourself that you are not allowed to use your lips on her until you have given her a single orgasm.  This will make you a little more creative with the techniques you use, and she will love the change.  You can even start at the opposite end of the body and instead of kissing her down, try kissing her up.  Changing perspective will be a lot of fun for you.

  Surprise her!

  Sex tends to follow a routine, even with new partners, as we begin to learn that A + B + C = sex.  Instead of doing this naturally and in the momentum of the moment, we will go through the boxes to make sure that the conditions are absolutely perfect.

  Here's a not-so-subtle hint for you: sex conditions don't have to be perfect.  In fact, if they are not, this can often lead to even hotter sex, because otherwise it is too planned and cared for.  Sex does not have to be taken care of!

  For example, if you go into the kitchen and see her bent over the sink bringing you a glass of water, climb behind her and wrap your arms around your waist.  Squeeze your cock hard in the ass and see what it does.  He might moan at the touch and want more.  Kiss her neck, teasing her nipples and reaching down to rub her clit.  Having sex somewhere new and on a whim can be a lot of fun and will leave you with lasting memories.

  Make sex the absolute last thing

 An article recently told us that sex tends to last, on average, no more than six minutes.  Six minutes is not a long time, and for many women it is not long enough to reach a good and satisfying orgasm.  That's why, instead, you should focus on making sex the last thing you do in the bedroom.

  We are not suggesting that people have sex and then go to foreplay.  What we mean is that you should spend as much time teasing her as possible.  Teasing and bringing her to a step of orgasm, before returning again, will make her want more sex.  If you do this continuously, she will beg you to pull her and pull her hard.  When you finally give in, she will have an orgasm so intense that it will cross your mind and leave her with something to think about late at night in bed.

  It's over with you now.  Do you have a favorite piece of advice you want to share to help others in bed, or is there a burning question you need to answer?  You can visit the BarbyEscorts forum and see what people are saying there or you can just let us know by leaving a comment below.

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