goddess of beauty

goddess of beauty

Of the many escorts visited, I declare it the 'coolest' experience.  Why did I stay?  That surprised me.  It was a unique life experience, to pick pearls, for my soul, for nerve training and posterity.

 The story:

 - An unpaid date, due to a problem with the favorite escort.  I stayed in the center in vain.  Să merg acasă sau să fut?  Let's fuck !!  I called 4.5 girls.  Pause.  The evening looked bad.

 I find the girl, It was not far from where I was, 15 lei by taxi.  He gave me the physical description, I knew it wasn't the one in the pictures.

 He makes me call, and I call in vain, on another scale, a landlord asks me on the intercom 'who is it?

  answer me, I said, who eee?  Come tell me, who are you?  I'm not opening.  I was talking to the girl and I didn't know how to turn off the intercom, he was still shouting who it was.

 - Death with a scythe, you old bastard ... He came to pick you up!  Now you know who he is.

 Her staircase was behind the block.  I ask her if I'm okay, she's pushing me out the window, behind the curtain, downstairs.

 - Come on, call once !!  - XX - form there and enter !!  Voices were also heard on the phone.

 Opaaa ... avoidable, I thought.  But it's OK.  It's the first spike this year since I stopped exploring.  Let's feel it in our veins, with all its splendor, like explorers!  At least let's see what the girl looks like and then turn around.  Scouts first, let's see the princess!

 Open the door and wow !!  The most beautiful escort seen in Bucharest.  Brunette, 1.72, thighs, tits, eyes, sexy nose piercing, no basket, no wrinkle.  Bomb, model, beautiful tanned, embodied beauty.  A masterpiece of nature, smiling!  Let's not go back.  Maybe maybe...

 I go in, close the door behind me, a smell of tobacco hit me in the nose and took my stick.  Smoke by cutting it with your fingernail.  I am bothered by cigarette smoke even if I also smoke a cigarette with smoking escorts, protocol.  Some strange beastly noises caught my attention, I forget to introduce myself, I get a state of dissatisfaction and anxiety.  He wants me in the bedroom, I had a net with a wine from Mega and a chewing gum.  I didn't want to leave it to her, I took it because after 10 in the evening it closes, but it rummages through my bag, jovially ... Opaaaa, what did you bring me here?  Let me see!  Opaaaa, we have something to drink!  Well done Dad, do you know what I like?  Yes, I don't drink it with you, I miss it yo.

 What, do you want to drink from it instead of making it ...?

 - I do not want.  You take it and drink it

  If that's better .. (It was 19 lei, anyway).

 Makes a sign of ok / cool / you are mine / you are value.

 - How long do you want to stay with me?  4 hours, 5 hours?  More?

 - I'll stay for an hour.

 "You can give me whatever you want."  200 euros, and vis;  yes no less than 150 euros.  I mean, go up, not down.  Go down ... you're not allowed!  Up - goood.

 .  Down

 I was thinking ... A damn goat.  But she's funny to me and she's bold and stuck in money !!  An Angel, that's what Olyyy was looking for, that's what I'm looking for.  At my value, once in a lifetime, it is worth going further to see what plm still reserves for me.

 - I give you 200 euros.

 - Stingy !!  You're shy and stingy.

 - That's all it says in the ad.

 - They write, you're shy.  What, did I scare you?

 - If you took me like that from the pot, logically I lost my enthusiasm.

 Leave, don't say anything.

 There were voices, screams, from women, from men.  From the next room, from the ceiling, from behind.  Everyone was screaming through that block.  I don't know if it was with her, the neighbors, if there were damaged couples, fish.  What man??  Those weren't fish, they were dragons.

 I'm 5 minutes, I'm 10 ...

 The television was on a station with unheard folk music.  I couldn't find the remote control.  I got frustrated.  I'm going to knock on the door, what is he doing there?  Not that I don't feel like coming across a pigeon smoke puffing there.

 It was clear to me that I couldn't swear at her, insult her, be fussy, threaten her.  Better not risk.  I better stay calm and have fun. I knew I wouldn't see the money back.

 To be aggressive - it's not good!  I didn't even have a corkscrew.  I had a script in mind.  A guard with a sword and I with an empty, unheated cock!  Let's fight !!  Neah ... it's not going well!  And I knew that Fănel Spoitoru, today, has no chance to get up.  But I gave the money, I stay an hour.

 The girl is coming ... Surprised.

 "Didn't you undress?"  I, who was hot.  You don't even ... say anything more

 - Peeei ... you didn't tell me where the shower was, a towel.

 - Here in the closet, this is called a towel.  Take it, grab it! ... Towel.  You see it??  That one over there is called a bathroom!  You go and see you when you're ready.  Kiss!!  Come on .. do it !!  Mobilization!

 "Okay," I say with a laugh.  I'm gone, but be here, don't stay 10 minutes!

 "I'm just getting ready."  You're shy.  You saw me, I destroyed you.  You're low.  Aam ziiis ...

 - Good!

 I take a shower, she goes out too.  Scream at a colleague or a fish!  Where did you put those napkins?  Give them a go !!  Give them a go !!  Come on, give them up and never move them again!

 She's going to the bathroom.  I'm thinking, so that's her shower, the napkin.  'You have plm !!  I don't know for  what he used but it is certain - we only do it orally.  The girl looked clean.  Nothing to blame, it smelled nice.

 - Is this bag empty?

 - Yes

 - It's not empty, you have a packet of gum in it.  Is this empty for you ??  Gaaataa!  Your bag is my garbage now.  See what your bag got?  And throw in the napkins.

 I'm coming, to take her in my arms, to throw her over me in bed!

 He avoids me and falls wide!  Wood.  May the bows break in bed.

 - You're not very happy today.

 "So what about me, do I have to be happy?"

 - Drunk, did you smoke?

 - No, but I feel like I've been drunk for 3 days and haven't slept for 4 days.  How do you want me to be?

 "Yes, an escort must be like that."  To smile, to be like a flower!

 - Escort ... !!  That escort will still have a worse day.  Have you never thought about that?  That she will have it too ... Think about it now!  Give me a massage!

 - If she's upset, she's not working!

 - Don't worry, don't think you don't know me!  If I was upset, I wouldn't work.  You don't know women and you blame me.

 - You've been working for a long time.

 - Six years

 "What did I bother you about?"  (I tried to lift his hand slightly, it was lead. He fell again.) You can focus on the meeting and forget about other things.

 "Let go of the spell, it's nonsense, don't be clever and suck it!"

 "But don't stick like that!"  Let's sit in our arms for a while ...!

 "I'm not in my arms!"  Put that towel aside because you're dry and take out your cock in between!  Didn't I tell you on the phone what I offer?  Didn't I tell you?  Have you already forgotten?

 - Everything but anal.

 - Yes, everything, that is, oral and normal.

 "Small fantasies are written in that ad."  I mean, I guess caressed, held in my arms.

 "Did you tell me something to comfort me on the phone?"  I told you what I don't do.  Now I tell you what I do.

 - And is it easier to do oral than to sit with someone in your arms?

 Some girls would give money not to do oral.

 - Look, I'm different.  I'm an expert on what I am.  It's easier for me to suck than to hold you in my arms.  Hm ... you're the top.

 - Did you love or why?

 - I don't, that's not it.  I told you on the phone what I'm offering you today, that's the menu.  Orally, of course, that's what I do.  Menu!!  I take money for that!  Understand too!  You don't know women at all, it seems!  You don't get what and how at all.  You're shy.

 - 'You have to plm ...

 He starts to take the oral, condom rolled with his mouth.  He has class.  It's close to 10. What's hers is hers.  Pennys had started to get up, but I heard some talk again, phones ringing hysterically in another room.  I was distracted, he didn't get up.

 - She doesn't get up, I'm not sitting in her mouth anymore!  Give him the dick school!  What happened?  I scared you?  Get on me!  Do something, get her up!  Come on ... more skillful!

 She was breathing hard, she was furry, she was dead.  What else to climb and where?  I was already nauseous, I didn't feel like pawing.  I'd rather have one in my tub, with perfumes, foam and all that, than squeak around.  But for  that she was acting and she was dumbfounded, I'll be there for an hour.

 Let's talk a little more, a few details of life, it had become better.

 - What the hell are you doing with that dick?  Does she get up too ??  or does she go to bed instead of getting up?  I want to suck and I have nothing to suck.  Take a look yourself!  I haven't mentioned a client before.  I'm working haha ​​... and I haven't seen it.  Cock not to get up.  To sit with a woman, to see her naked, to suck your woman's cock and she to go to bed instead of getting up.  Well, where does the dick have to go?  Up or down?  Now you too!  What a direction!  You are to blame !!  You're shy!

 - It's your fault?

 - Well, it's my fault ... So what, is it my dick?  Do I have it in my pants?  You have it, sweetie.  That's why it was taken away from me and I am like that.

 - They are.  You were a scoundrel from the start

 - Haha ... you know.  It's my fault, I said.  Do you go to women often?

 - I was yesterday.  What escorts do I go with ... Would you like to be like that!

 - Poooftiiim .. Did you go to fuck yesterday?  Wait, I didn't hear right!  And you wonder why he doesn't get up.  Well, if you were yesterday, what the hell, normal man, sane, are you still looking for women today?  Do you take drugs with what the woman has?  That dick would be tired too.  You still put it in and take it out, where else can it last?  Didn't you think so?  Your head wants it but the dick, it also needs a break, from where else.  It's not an engine.

 - He doesn't necessarily need a break.  What is her fault that you are to be avoided?

 "I would be ashamed."  To be a boy and not be able to fuck a woman.

 "It's happening."

 "It doesn't happen to me."  My clients come with her, lantern!  I don't know where to put it to finish.

 - Lying!

 Come on, leave the spell and what are you going to do?

 - We're staying

 - Stay!

 We work a little harder.  There are bangs from the next room.

 - Iiii ... is she my colleague?

 - You have a beautiful colleague

 - No, so not really.  It's not at all!

 - She is not beautiful?

 - Noaa, n-areee niiiicioooo work.  It really isn't. I don't know how to tell you, but no!

 "Ugly with foam?"

 - Yeah.  Ugly with .... (pause)

 Afterwards, someone can be heard growling and sniffing in the background and he seemed to be spitting in his handkerchief, in the sink.  I said if I stay drunk.  I was already choking on the smoke and the girl hadn't smoked anything, she was coming from the other room.

 I didn't even feel like being wet and staying as long as I could.  I got dressed.

 An intercom rings.  Noise, ceiling, walls ...

 - Am I dating anyone?

 - Aaa ... no.  Relax.  There are some around here.  Nieebuunii!

 When I left, I rebuked her.  When someone gives him money, at least sketch a smile in his whore's pussy!

 He mimicked a stylish ok as if 'I know, but it breaks'!  (You don't know .. you're shy .. I said)

 I called her after she told me what she had ... drunk, drugged, did anyone upset her?  Is there any plausible reason?  I'm sure that in other circumstances, without fish, this girl can be over 300 euros, of course.  It's just that she was bitten.  He wanted hundreds of euros and tens of hours.)

 - What do you mean?  What is to be avoided?

 - I mean to tell the story on the net, exactly as it was.

 - As you think, do what you want!  Tell me!

 - Good!

 -I think it was too much of a play for me and I didn't get caught.  Or I had to be bold, fuck her.  Cheap spell spell.

 I controlled the frustration for an hour, I overcame it, I already feel more zen and wiser.  I want my favorite escorts back

 Stupidity - always has to lose.  And I'll take care of that.

 Morale - when you feel that it is to be avoided and you can't force her to do anything because the dragons are grazing behind your doors, you leave!

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