Of all the hot fantasies and weird things we want to try in the bedroom, a trio always seems there.  There is something really hot about having not just one person fucked in bed, but two.  It's a great way to tick one of the things you'll probably have on your sexy list.

  However, when it comes to threesome sex, it also seems like there are many things that could go wrong, and when it goes wrong it can be very difficult to recover from it.  If you want to prepare for some of the things that can go wrong during a trio and want to know the best ways to get back out of it, we might just have the perfect guide for you below.

  Attention must be shared

  This happens far too often during a trio, so we hear a lot about it.  Some people, unfortunately, only use a threesome as a way to fuck someone else while their partner is there, and if that's what you want to do, you should really rethink it.  Threesome sex is a way to shoot two people at the same time, not to practically cheat on your partner while watching.

  Attention should be shared when it comes to a triple, but unfortunately sometimes we can get a little carried away.  We may enjoy the position in which we shoot them, or the change of scenery may be great for us, but we may mistakenly pay more attention to one person than another during a trio.

  If you realize you've done this, the best thing to do is try to make sure the other person is at least involved in some way.  While futeti girl, put it on the other to sit on the front so that you can lick all.  That way, they are still involved and you still get pleasure.

  Establishing rules

  What is and is not acceptable during a trio really depends on those involved, so before you jump in bed and peel everything off, you should all sit down and talk about what works and what doesn’t.  for you. If you can't sit down and have an open and honest conversation about threesome sex, you shouldn't have one in the first place.

  Check the basics first.  Is kissing allowed?  French Kiss?  Who will finish you?  Is there anything that is completely out of bounds?

  This conversation, before something happens, is important because then you all know where you are.  No one will stay in the bedroom feeling insecure about where they are and you will all know what is and what is not acceptable.  If someone crosses the line, take the time to talk about it.

  Do not rush

 Threesomes in porn is very different from how threesomes work in real life.  In porn it's fast and a real fuckfest, where everyone screams in orgasm after just a few minutes.  It was over in about ten minutes, with everyone completely satisfied and not frowning.

  Of course, this is not how threesomes work in real life, and if you go to it, expecting it to end in that time, you will not have a good one.  Do not rush or you will find that you have wasted even what a passionate person could have been, simply by going for what you want.

  Take the time to fuck each person involved the way you want and keep things slow so you can find out what works for them. A slow, long licking of their clitoris may wriggle  your face, but a quick press of your finger stops them.  Taking time to find out what everyone likes will make it even more intense and exciting, which in turn will make the whole evening unforgettable.

  Don't take too much

  With threesomes, you may feel like you're expecting to lie on your back and have a pussy on your penis and face right away, or you may think you need to throw your finger and lick both  women simultaneously while combining their hands and stroking your penis as fast and hard as possible.

  It's not necessary.  One of the biggest problems people find in threes is that they try to take on too many things at once.  This is related to him and you do not have to hurry.  Simply take the time to enjoy things and do it in a way that seems natural.

  Start with the kiss and go slowly until their body moves.  As you do, continue the exchange to make sure everyone is included.  It will make things more interesting for everyone involved.

  Let the numbers take control

  You also need to learn to recognize only who is in control when it comes to a trio.  A lot of men automatically assume they are, but they have to pay attention to numbers instead of what their cock wants to believe.

 For example, if you are in a group of three FFMs, these are the women in control.  Everything refers to them in your place and they will lead the trio wherever they want to go.  However, if you are in a group of three MMFs, men tend to be the ones leading, which can dramatically change things.

  Did you get great advice for those who enjoy three or did you make a mistake in a group of three that I didn't cover?  You can tell us your hot stories in threes in the comment box below or you can see what others are saying by visiting the Barby Escorts forum

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