erotic prose

erotic prose

I read in the stars last night ...

 that you are full of blows,

 but you were out of luck

 in love, not at all.

 Don't be too sad!

 Everything is for sale.

 Be a good investor

 in happiness and love!

 The sweet moments of love

 I'm looking for a buyer.

 I have it in stock for you too

 moments of love, sublime.

 You want to be a leprechaun,

 to watch me take a shower,

 you would turn into a flea,

 to jump on me in your will.

 You'd stick me in like a tampon,

 in the ass, when I, on the phone

 I'm talking perversely to someone

 and I lay on the sofa.

 You're a gaozar doctor

 equipped as an instrument

 and you like to fuck me

 and breasts but also pieces?

 My bulging ass,

 you examine him in my bed,

 my breasts feel light,

 that you like their nipples.

 Come on, take off my panties

 and all your crappy serum,

 deep, intragaozos,

 inject it upside down!

 Loving, sinful,

 I'm making you run away from home,

 to go out the window at night

 and go down to the terrace,

 to come tiptily to me

 that you feel good in my bed.

 Not in the club or on vacation,

 of maximum arrogance

 you won't have fun like that

 as loud as the visit

 which, if you do it to me,

 you do in spite of the poor.

 Don't just stare,

 be a sponsor, help!

 And flies make love

 much more in the bedroom

 than many people.  He passes them

 rubbing her life in the cold

 many.  Now, as much as you can

 and move in your panties

 stop counting!

 Give to the heart, all you can!

 The tool is given to you

 to fix relationships in bed.

 Today is another day

 good to do nonsense.

 Take a chance now,

 to make your day beautiful!

 Put your hand on my panties,

 don't let the moon pass!

 Come on, end the week

 nice, nice with Siana,

 to take the cream out of you,

 until the joke thickens

 and in a day, maximum two

 you will put ice on your eggs!

 Why do you fight with desire?

 It would be a shame not to fuck me ...

 You can still ask me again ...

 Come on, fuck me, nitel!

 When memories hurt you,

 I can treat you with love.

 How I look, what I know how to do,

 to be good would be a sin.

 I'm your secret passion.

 You are dreaming now how to make an omelet

 on the kitchen table...

 A housewife out of a thousand

 she's as sexy as me

 and the goal is in your hands ...

 Only with the master chef apron

 on me, to see me, you feel like it.

 I'm charming,

 which will give you the liqueur

 magical and that you like

 and the hammer, it's hard for you.

 I give charm to any moment

 spent together.

 If you come to my bed,

 you will be enchanted

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