erotic massage parlor

erotic massage parlor

I decided to spend to the fullest and the last days of state in Romania had to be epic!  I had found out that erotic massage salons had appeared in Bucharest and they functioned like brothels as a rule.  A friend from the capital had given me a phone number and Sorin and I had set off and called to make a reservation.  Everything is fine, we had to be there by ten in the evening.  We wasted our time, we walked, we ate and around 9.30 pm we went to the address.  We arrived on a small street, helped by a taxi driver, in an area of ​​houses.  I discovered the location, a big, new villa and if you hadn't known about it, you certainly wouldn't have guessed what was going on inside.  I parked the car and called the intercom:

 -Good evening!  How can we help?

 -Good evening!  We have a reservation at 22.00!

 -On what name?


 In ten seconds the gate opened and I entered the yard.  A large Moldavian dressed in a long leather coat, with his hair on his back with gel, was waiting for us near the entrance to the villa.  He looked at us smiling and motioned for us to enter.

 I discovered a hall painted red (what a lack of imagination!), Not very long, which faced a lobe.  At the bar there was a "lady" over 40 years old, but who was holding up well and was wearing excessive make-up!  How else?

 -Good evening guys!  she received us more than jovially.

 -Good evening!

 -You have to tell me how you found out about us, not many people know us and we work on the basis of a recommendation!

 -I already know, a friend who is your loyal customer, told me about you!

 -Can you tell me the customer number?  I check it and then I register you, meaning I assign you a number that you will use from now on when you want to book.  Also, when you recommend us to someone, give your number so we know where it comes from.  But be careful who you send, if he does not behave civilly, the entry permission will be withdrawn, both of you and of the person in question!

 Ok, you won't have any problems with us, we are very "good"!

 The registration operations lasted a few minutes and I had time to look around.  It was typical for a brothel and cover.  Large lobby, with six doors, all closed.  Above was a huge chandelier made of crystal and like furniture, a few sofas placed in a square shape.  After we signed up, the lady at the reception made a discreet sign to the guard.  And on one of the doors the girls started to enter, 12 in number!  Blondes, brunettes, redheads, thinner, fuller, in a word, for all tastes!  They wore only panties and high-heeled shoes, some were more shy and hid their nipples with their palms.  When they all entered, they sat in line next to each other and only a few looked us in the eye.  The others stared at the ground and tried to smile falsely!  Awkward moment!

 -Girls, they are Andrei and Sorin, our guests!  Guys, you can choose one or more ladies, according to your physical and financial potency!  What can I guarantee you, all my girls do their job and cause addiction!  So, be very careful!  You can choose from several types of massage, and if you behave nicely with them and get along, I don't care what happens behind closed doors!  the matron told us and stepped aside to give us maximum visibility.

 We looked carefully and Sorin said first:

 -I choose the blonde… and point to one of them, there are several.  It was a little plump, but not annoying!  Big tits and he hadn't covered them at all.  She approached him, grabbed his hand and kissed him lightly on the lips.

 I chose a petite brunette, with medium tits, but strong and straight and with a domed bottom.

 -Ready girls, go to the restroom.  And you pigeons, enter the bar to socialize a little.

 The four of us entered through one of the doors and sat down on two small sofas, facing each other.  Me with mine next to me, Sorin with his.  I ordered all the alcohol and started an easy conversation.  My name is Linda (stage name, I think) and she was from "Cuca Macaii".  He had come to Bucharest with great thoughts and after several sales jobs he realized that he didn't even have enough money for rent!  And he had chosen the simple option, he liked what he was doing and he wanted to make clients, hoping that one would take her as his wife… Classic!

 After a few glasses, Sorin got up with his blonde and I noticed that his cock was already up!  They disappeared and I stayed with Linda to finish the drinks.  He kissed me for a long time, without warning me, and his hand slid to his penis, which he began to massage lightly through his pants.  I caught a nipple between his fingers, massaging it slowly.  He was strengthened!  I switched to the other one and then went down to the pussy.

 -Don't you want to go to the room?  the young lady told me and got up and dragged me after her.  I was able to admire her hard and round buttocks and I followed her remotely.  I entered the nest and found a large bed with impeccable white linen.  Next to it, a massage table with a head hole.  Candles everywhere and scented sticks, muffled chill music echoing from hidden speakers.  Very beautiful, even impressive for Bucharest!

 I undressed, sat face down, then spoke:

 -We don't limit ourselves to massage, do we?

 -I thought you weren't saying… Of course not!

 I wanted to get up to pay for his inconvenience, but he motioned for me to stay calm, because that's not the problem!

 So I gave up… She poured heated massage oil into her palms and started massaging my back, her hands went down gently on her buttocks, then she kneaded me up to my toes.  He knew his job!  He climbed up and spread my limbs a little to make it easier to access.  I felt his palm looking at my penis, which was already a stone sheepfold, and when he discovered it, he exclaimed:

 -Uauuu, you're ready!  Turn your back, please!

 I complied and he massaged me just like on my back.  In passing he touched my erect cock and smiled slightly in the corner of his mouth:

 -I think we're going to fight, what do you say?  Linda told me with two lights in her eyes.

 -I know for sure it's going to be crazy, I feel you!

 He leaned over and spat on my member, then began to masturbate slowly, looking me in the eye.  With one hand he was playing with my balls and again he bent down to spit!  I stretched out and grabbed a piece of her palm, unexpectedly, which made her exclaim pleasantly surprised and came closer to give me room to move.

 -You like?  he asked me.

 Yes, but I would love even more if you put my pussy on my face and sucked it a little…

 The prayer was not left… He passed a foot over me and here we are in a 69 sensation, up on the massage table!  He revealed to me an epilated pussy, with medium lips sticking out a little.  I looked at the narrow rosette that winked at me.  I grabbed her pieces, pulled them away and licked her long and wet from the clitoris to the anus.  He startled and I felt his lips grip the tip of my penis, then his tongue rolled into hot rolls.  She sat up better and now I could reach her wonderful lips perfectly with my mouth!  I dipped my tongue between them trying to get as far in as possible, glad that it got wet immediately!  She moved her pelvis reflexively, imposing a slow rhythm, in which my tongue penetrated her as much as she wanted;  he pulled hard, just enough to suck her clit, then came back to receive my tongue again in the warm vagina:

 -But you know how to lick, I didn't expect it!  All men think it's simple, but they have no idea how to do it!

 Her words made me angry!  I sank so deep that my jaw ached;  I was struggling to get as deep as I could, feeling like he was arching and moving more and more alert!  I could feel her breathing increase in intensity and in a short time my mouth was invaded… magnificent taste… she moaned loudly, then more and more slowly until I felt her let go of me… she had lived her pleasure!  He stroked my member with one hand, very slowly, trying to catch his breath.  I removed the pieces again and tried the brown ring with one finger…

 -Nuu!  Only language there, if you like!  I'm untouched!

 -Sure you don't want to try?

 -Sure!  Only languages!

 I did not refrain and licked it around, then I penetrated it a little, as much as the virgin ring allowed me.

 He was sucking me with lust!  He had recovered from orgasm and his cock disappeared almost completely into his greedy mouth.  She took him out, beat him on the lips, moaned excitedly and made him disappear again!  I didn't lick her anymore, I looked at her ass without error and I moved her buttocks away to see her pink inside better!  Real pleasure!

 He got off me and pulled out a condom.  She mounted it to me quickly and lay down on the bed, motioning for me to come to her.  It looks sensational!  I suddenly had an incredible urge to fuck her.  I grabbed her hair and put my cock on her neck, climbing over her, without noticing.  She understood that I wanted to see how she sucked me and she docilely obeyed, she even came into my game, looking me in the eye and letting her saliva run down her beard in a very sexy way;  he made sounds in his throat, played with his penis, spit it out, then swallowed it to the balls!

 I stretched her back and made it clear that she would grab her legs with her hands to raise her ass as much as possible and give me freedom of movement.  I adjusted it between my lips and pushed lightly… Surprise!  Extraordinarily tight!  I didn't expect it considering her job.  I moved slowly and went all the way in, watching her closely;  he closed his eyes and, rubbing his forehead, began to contract me.  He was really living the moment!  She moaned softly, as if for herself, afraid to appear.  I leaned on my hands and pushed hard.  My movements intensified and Linda's moans increased in intensity.  I inserted it fiercely and the image of the tight pussy that molded on my penis with the small lips that caressed my instrument drove me crazy!  She tensed briefly and with a twisted face, she was trembling again…

 -God, what are you doing to me?  I haven't had two orgasms in months!  

 I didn't let her finish her word and I forcibly turned her around.  Sitting on the goat, she revealed to me again the insane image of the perfect pieces.  I stroked my penis a few times and penetrated it without announcing it!  He screamed and pushed hard!  Aha, so that's what the young lady wanted ?!  I grabbed her buttocks and started to fuck her like crazy!  I watched his penis take its place and soon it was covered in warm sap.  I didn't stop, my penis hurt and I wanted to finish!  At full speed, one hand slid between her legs rubbing her wet pussy.  I could feel the end approaching and I pushed her to the end, the heavy balls hitting her lips.  My tension rises significantly and in a short time jet after jet, I filled the condom moaning loudly, without holding back!  Linda sat on her belly panting and I covered her with all my weight!

 I don't know how long we stayed like this, one on top of the other, but, at last, the young lady broke the silence;

 -If I only had clients like you… I would work dearly… Three orgasms… I can't believe it!

 -I made the necessary click, you know, I felt that from the beginning!

 -Are you coming to see me again?

 -I don't know what to say… I'm leaving for Spain tomorrow.

 He turned suddenly and looked me in the eye in despair:

 -Take me too, I beg you!  I want to get out of Romania and make a lot of money!  Please, I do what you want!

 -I don't know what to say… I can only help you when you come, until you find some work.  Both!  I have never done fishing, I do not do and I will not do!  I'll leave you my Spain number and if you ever arrive, call me

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