Let’s face it, there are voices in that head of yours. They whisper, they sing, they moan and they scream. Some are polite, some are rude, some are funny, some are crude yet they all make you the eccentric, eclectic prism of perspective that you are.

If you disagree with the preceding statement let’s take a moment to reflect on what the great philosopher Aristotle once said, ‘No great mind has ever existed without a touch of madness.’

Upon reaching the realm of ‘adulthood’, we’ve grown accustomed to choosing which voices we share and with who. It’s called maturity and knowing your audience. You’ve learned to share the most polite voice in the workplace. You’re left to outsource that rude, crude, funny voice to select friends that understand you.

But who do you share that kinky voice with that keeps you up at night

There’s always the option of dressing up, going out to the pub and fishing for a hot to trot lass. But you know the drill. You buy her drinks and you’re left trying to read her vague body language. Oh there! She flipped her hair, she licked her lips and she’s staring at you and you think, ‘Okay, MAYBE she’s game.’

You’re wishing that she’ll open her legs on the first night. You’re hoping that she fancies taking an exotic walk on the wild side. You’re praying to the heavens that she’s just as kinky as you. Yet, she may not be.

She may take your drinks, smile, flirt and then leave you high and dry when her friends want to go on to the next bar. Or she’s searching for a boyfriend or god forbid, a husband and man, you’re like: ‘Whoa, wow, stop!’

Daft Punk feels your struggle when they sung, ‘She’s up all night till the sun, I’m up all night to get some. She’s up all night for good fun, I’m up all night to get lucky.’

So where did you go wrong? You know what your kinky voice wants! But you’re out spending your time, energy and money hunting for someone that not only digs your exterior but will listen to that kinky voice AND reciprocate. If only this kinky game could be easier and user friendly!

It’s always game on when you spend your time, energy and money with an escort

If you hear a voice within you wail, ‘Why should I have to pay to get my rocks off?’ Think about it Einstein. Isn’t it more cost effective putting your money on a partner who’s already game AND knows the ropes? A woman that knows the ropes so well that she’s got them ready for you at her place so you can tie her up!

With escorts, not only are they game but they have gone ahead and put out all of her cards on the table for you. How considerate of her! Especially when you consider the alternative of all those vague signs that indecisive females give at the pub. Weary, bleary signs that often lead you down a dead end street. At which point, you go home and wank one off to some porn making you wonder why you went out at all. This is where escorts can be a better option.

With escorts profiles you can peruse through their steamy pictures. Double click their steamy videos and revel in their detailed list of favorites! That’s right! These vixens write down all the bizarre, seductive, unusual, titillating erotic activities that they’re open to. That’s what you get for making the mature decision of knowing your audience. You found a kinky voice to match your kinky voice!

A voice with a body that’s offering itself as a playground for your innermost fantasies!

Let’s crunch the numbers. There’s an iota of a chance that hot to trot lass at the bar will be willing to reveal her perversions after you purchase her that first drink. There’s a sliver of a percent chance that she’ll send you naked pictures after you’ve been seeing her for a couple weeks. But the more time you spend with her trying to get her comfortable enough to let her walls down, the faster she’s going to start building up those funny feelings that females get called, ’emotions.’

Now imagine all the time and money that you’ve spent on her and look at your progress report. She’s not opening up fast enough! Nor is she delivering the intensity or quality that you seek. Sadly, that’s what you get for playing with an amateur. Thank the stars that there’s an alternative.

William Shakespeare knows about the art of the muse. He was not only a passionate artist but also a passionate lover. He paid for escorts that would inspire the depths of his soul so that he could create art. In the classic, As you like it, Shakespeare wrote: “Love is merely a madness; and, I tell you, deserves as well a dark house and a whip as madmen do; and the reason why they are not so punish’d and cured is that the lunacy is so ordinary that the whippers are in love too.”

Save yourself the headache of running the streets and trying to score. Rather use that time, energy and money on the exquisite, expertise of ythe escorts who’ll deliver exactly as you like it.


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