Last week we saw what we hope will become a key moment in the fight for equality for sex workers.  For those who don't know, Amnesty International has decided to promote the decriminalization of sex work.  If this happens, then the safety of men and women will be greatly improved.  It is indeed a progressive step.

  It's all part of society's broader debate about what we do about prostitution.  Do we go with the model that criminalizes the purchase of sex and limiting demand?  Or do we decriminalize and make it safer with regulations?  Everyone knows where we are, but it's great that AAs are on board now.

  In Europe, this debate really came to the forefront of the week with a play that explores the lives of sex workers and the real lives of people working in the industry.

 An audience of 15 people is led to a secret location on the streets of Bucharest to watch real-life drama in the living room of a brothel.

  Performers play roles with the audience, giving them a chance to challenge their own preconceived notions about people working in the industry.

  Jenny told Mirror Online: “A feature of the show has angered several members of the online audience, making personal blows and assumptions that do not relate to the actual content of the play.  "It's hard to read, but we welcome the discussion and hope that people are determined to further explore the subject for themselves."

  All this has been done together with the Collective of Prostitutes who are also pushing for decriminalization and trying to show that the current law makes women work in isolation and danger.

  For many theater producers and actors, Ed Fringe is a well-established platform that aims to reach as many people as possible, which supports our ethos of trying to put public issues in the public domain.

  "So far I've received a lot of positive feedback from members of the public."

  And Jenny says that the escorts in Bucharest are also full of praise.

 "It simply came to our notice then.

  "We wanted to make sure from the beginning that we remain faithful to the authentic experiences shared with us by those who provide information, inviting feedback from regularly active escorts in Bucharest developing and the ongoing work of the show.

  we try to highlight the fact that sex workers come from a variety of backgrounds, geographical and socio-economic, and participate in industry for much more traditional reasons, such as financial stability, than most people would like to imagine.

  There is a lot about trafficking, abuse and subjugation of women, all thrown in a "messy" and "disturbing" light, which does not contribute much to the support of escort rights, however, we can hardly hear about ordinary women escorts because of a choice  personal, of which there are many.

 Here is an honest, funny, thought-provoking alternative point of view, designed to clarify some aspects of the decriminalization campaign, but at the same time allow audience members a safe environment to go through their own preconceived notions about what it means.  to be a sex worker.  "

  A reverse reaction

 As it should be said, the song came for a bit of online criticism.  One critic called it "wrong," while others say the play should look at the causes of prostitution and not call it a viable career choice.

  For this, read that they should push the agenda that the only reason people become sex workers is because they have drug problems, have been abused or are trafficked.

  Everyone at Barby Escorts would like to applaud the actresses and anyone else associated with the play.  Only when people have challenged their preconceived ideas can progress be made in the debate.  The most important thing is that people are safe.  For this to happen, decriminalization is the only real option.

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