covid-19 (coronavirus)

covid-19 (coronavirus)

Business (not) as usual?

 The Escorts industry is unlike any other industry during the crisis.

 Here are some of the numbers we've found interesting about the behavior of advertisers and our users in recent months.

 The demand for virtual services is growing

 Data shows that the number of people accessing our webcam and phone landing pages has increased.  People are looking for services that they can use in the comfort of their homes.

 Because our website still retains an incredible amount of visitors, many advertisers have chosen to stop personal service to protect themselves and their customers.  However, they are taking the step to protect their business and livelihoods by offering virtual services.

 The number of people looking for non-contact services everywhere is growing, but there are more in Bucharest than in most cities !!!

 With the advent of more "family times" at this time, it seems that the option of a thrill during the day becomes less likely!

  We are all very grateful for the work of the health service - some people take their love for nurses to a whole new level!

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