clitoral stimulation

clitoral stimulation

For men, the testicles must be retracted to reach orgasm, and in the same way, the clitoris regularly hides under the hood as it approaches orgasm.  It can be difficult to find at the best of times and many are devoid of ideas when it comes to having oral sex, which can cause anxiety for both sides of the bedroom.

  If your partner's clitoris disappears during foreplay, don't panic and look for it!  Continue to stimulate the general area where the clitoris was last seen, which will still feel fantastic for her.  The sex therapist suggests gently massaging her belly as well.  While doing this, press your palm down towards the vagina and this may cause the clitoris to protrude again.  The most important thing is to continue when she goes to orgasm.  A woman's orgasm is about three times longer than a man's and it is common for men to believe that everything is over when it is not.  If you stop touching or licking her at the beginning of orgasm, it is very likely that she will not continue.  This is frustrating for your partner, so follow through until it's over.

  The right environment

 Trying to reach orgasm by stimulating the clitoris, although the most common way, can be stressful for your partner.  With all the effort you put in, she is desperate to orgasm to satisfy you.  The result is that your partner may become anxious and tense.  Try to relax her first with a hot bath or a rub on the shoulders and remind her that you get as much of this as she does - whether or not she has an orgasm.

  If you get a little tired, why not change things up a bit with a vibrator.  Your partner may try to use a toy on his or her own first and then join, or switch between tongue / fingers and a toy.  This reduces the likelihood of cramps and allows him to have non-stop stimulation.  Toys can also help women learn what they like and don't like, and then it's simply a matter of showing you how to reproduce these sensations and feelings with your tongue and fingers.

 A sexy toy has 10 rotating tongues to give the clitoris the unmistakable feeling of cunnilingus.  Each sensual tongue is made of silicone, the powerful motor having six speeds and variations to reproduce fantastic sensations of oral sex.  Use it with plenty of lubricant and it is guaranteed to moan with pleasure.

  If you are especially looking for a vibrator, there are dozens available to suit all budgets and fetishes.  A popular and inexpensive vibrator is the Powerful Pocket Vibrator This small clitoral vibrator uses single speed vibrations and three metal knots to provide an accurate massage.  This is perfect for beginners or for those looking for a small, simple and discreet toy.

  Some simple tips

 When you start walking there, let her legs open naturally.  If you notice that her legs look stiff, rub them and kiss them until they relax.  The more comfortable she feels, the easier it will be for her to let go and orgasm.

  Turn on the toy and press it firmly on the lips of the vagina and hold it there, varying the pressure and experiencing different settings.  The purpose is to stimulate her clitoris, which is located at the upper end of the vagina.  So start moving the vibrator until you reach the mons pubis, the fleshy bit located over the pubic bone and lightly apply pressure.  Experiencing speed and pressure again and let it guide you.

 Most women will find the vibrator directly on the clitoris uncomfortable and are likely to become too sensitive.  Instead, roll it slightly from side to side so that it works on different parts of the clitoris.  These parts are located under the closed lips and are difficult to locate, but the movement of the vibrator around this area can also stimulate these parts.

  As she reaches orgasm, she may feel the need to pee.  This could make her feel anxious, so reassure her that this will not happen (and in most cases it will not happen!) However, if she feels scared or overwhelmed with sensations and asks you  to stop;  stop immediately.  You don't need to push it too far, as it may delay trying again.  Instead, when it's ready, try again and ask her to try a little more next time.  Repeat this until she reaches orgasm.  Once she knows how she feels and that the "I'm about to burst" sensation is normal, she will relax and orgasms will become easier to achieve.

 Patience is the key to a happy sex life, so take the time to explore various techniques with your partner until you find something that works for both of you.  If her clitoris disappears, it's a sign that whatever you do works, so keep going. For more suggestions on foreplay and toys;  Bucharest escorts know what they like and what they don't like under the sheets.  Call them today and who knows what you will discover!

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