can vegetables make your breasts bigger?

can vegetables make your breasts bigger?

Many women are desperate for bigger tits without having to resort to surgery ... but a vlogger came up with a solution.  All you have to do is rub your breasts with vegetables.  Yes indeed.

 A Japanese vlogger, Ryoko, claims that vegetables "are believed to have very good properties for improving breasts."  However, no one has yet come forward to support his claim.

  Previous attempts

  Apparently this is not the first unusual method by which Ryoko tried to get a bigger chest and failed before using methods such as sucking them with a vacuum cleaner, pinching her breasts with chopsticks while the noodle fluttered.  over them, and rubbing them while brushing their teeth.

 No success so far

 Here at Barby Escorts, we often hear about weird techniques to enlarge your breasts or penis, but it makes us stumble.  The best thing you need to do is learn to love your body, as many escorts in Bucharest do.  Once you love your body, others will be able to see the confidence you have in yourself - and that can be a person's sexist issue.

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