We are constantly looking for new and weird things to try in the bedroom to spice things up.  Without these new techniques and tricks, sex can become very boring and repetitive, which is not fun for anyone.  So we branch out a little, experiencing in bed slavery, pain and other fun things that we have been fantasizing about for a long time.  One of the big things we've been thinking about lately is breathing.

  It has a variety of names, such as breathing control, erotic asphyxiation, asphyxophilia, autoerotic asphyxia, and hypoxiphilia, but it's all about limiting the amount of oxygen one receives during sex, sometimes to the point where the person faints.  .  .  It is said to strengthen all the senses and make sex more intense due to lack of oxygen, but doing well can be difficult.  We've created the ultimate breathing game guide, so whether you're looking for a beginner's breathing game or an expert who wants to refresh your skills, you'll find everything you need here.

  Stay safe

  Before we even start talking about the different things you can do with the breathing game, we must first eliminate the important part of safety.  With the breathing game it is essential to have steps in place if they do not go well, because you still want to feel safe, even if you are a little suffocated.

  First of all, you have to make sure that everyone involved in this erotic entertainment agrees.  If someone is not sure, then please do not do it.  Putting pressure on someone to do something they are not comfortable with is not good and can really ruin the fun.

  A big part of BDSM safety is that those involved will have a safe word to stop the action when they need to, but obviously with the breathing game you may not be able to know.  Instead, choose a clear gesture that you can make to show your partner that you need to stop.

  Many people like to play sexy breathing to the point of fainting, but if you do, your partner really needs to be on the ball.  When you faint, it should last at most a few seconds, so if it takes longer than that, something is wrong.  If you get this far, make sure your partner is trained in CPR so they can help you.

Why is the breathing game so great?

  For many, the idea of ​​the breathing game is a huge change.  We want to be shown that we are not worthy of the air we breathe and that we are the best submarines we can please our lovers.

  Breathing play requires a lot of confidence, and some would say it is the best demonstration of confidence.  Trust your partner or mistress that it will take you to the edge and back and your life really hangs in the balance.

  Of course, the biggest thing is the amount of enthusiasm it gives you.  It is totally taboo, and when you have an orgasm with the breathing game it is much more intense.  Not sure if it makes a difference?  The next time you jerk, try to slow down when you have an orgasm.  You will immediately notice a difference.  Trying the breathing game

  There are so many different ways you can experience the game with your breath and if you are looking for a beginner's guide, this is probably the best place to start.  You may be a man or woman who really likes to have oral sex and find that there is no greater doubt than your partner sitting on your face.  Well, Queening or Kinging actually ties in pretty well with suffocation, if your oxygen is cut off with your partner sitting on your face.  You get to please her until orgasm and feel that her breathing is restricted, which is a huge job for many.

  Of course, that version of the breathing game can get a little complicated, especially if you have to breathe, because you will have to make a symbol to show your partner that you need a break.  One of the favorite ways to do this is to simply tell them I can't breathe for a while.  Think of a proper punishment if he does not listen to you and rejoices when he looks at you, asking permission to breathe.

  Another fun way to do this is to simply pinch your nose.  You will want to cover their mouth with something like duct tape or a gag, as this will then give you a chance to control their breathing by pinching their nose with your fingers.  You are able to physically control their breathing, leaving them to feel out of breath and gasping for air when you take the tape out of their mouth.  This is a favorite of many, because you can easily fix things if it doesn't go well, just by taking your hand off your nose.

  Gas masks, glutes and bags are also a popular choice of props when it comes to the breathing game, but before using them you should familiarize yourself with them.  You want to make sure you can remove it quickly if your partner faints or, in the worst case, interrupts him.  As for bags, try to resist the urge to tie them around your partner's head.  If you do, you may be putting a little too much pressure on their throats, which can hurt and make it harder to get them out that way.  Instead, hold them in place and feel them as the submarine tries to breathe and get more air.

  What is your favorite thing to do with the breathing game?  You can share it with us by leaving a comment in the box below or tell us some of the best breathing game tips you've heard.

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