Did you know that breasts can be used as a weapon?  Well, in Hong Kong, a woman has been imprisoned for three months for assaulting a police officer with her breast.

  It appears that during Ng Lai-ying she hit the right arm of police officer Chan Ka-Po with her breast during a protest.  Then she screamed that she had been indecently assaulted.  Well, far from being believed, she has now been accused of deliberately putting her breast on the officer so that she can make a false accusation against him.

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  Miss Lai-Ying (which sounds so much like a lie, it's untrue) claimed that she screamed when she put her hand on her breast, but it was rejected by the magistrate.

  "You used your female identity to detect the statement that the officer molested you.  This is a malicious act, "said Deputy Magistrate Chan Pik-kiu, adding that Ng had damaged the officer's reputation with his accusation.

  Well, now a group of 200 people, men and women, are protesting against the decision.  They all wear bras and have a slogan that says "breasts are not a weapon."

  "I think we are all puzzled about how a breast attack works," said Ng Cheuk Ling, a 24-year-old activist with the Hong Kong Women's Coalition for Equal Opportunities.

  "It is ridiculous and alarming that the judge not only convicted the protester for attacking the police with her breast, but that her request for help was also considered part of the attack," she told CNN.  "Should we be silent in the face of sexual violence?"

  "If this sets a precedent, the police will not only abuse their power, but will also deprive women of their rights to participate in the protests.  Sexual harassment is becoming a tactic to suppress the police.  "

  Long-haired pro-democracy lawmaker Leung Kwok-hung said the sentence was an "insult to all women on earth."

 Breasts are the origins of human beings;  no one can survive without their mothers' breasts, "she told CNN.

  "I think if anyone on this earth treats women's breasts like a weapon, it's totally outrageous."

   One of three things happened.  A) The officer had a sensation while controlling the protest.  B) She accidentally touched his arm with her breast upside down.  At this point, she either used this badly to get him in trouble or took the wrong end of the stick.  C) He touched her arm with her breast to cause her problems.  There is no evidence that any of these things happened.  I don't know how you can be convicted of such a lack of evidence.

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  However, I also have real concerns that the woman's word is taken for granted.  We are in danger of having a culture in which anyone convicted of sexual offenses is a pervert and every person who is not convicted is a pervert who has escaped it.  We all know that there are men who escape justice.  We also know that there are women who make things out of evil.  We must be very careful and measured about our response to such accusations.

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