Bisexual relationship with my colleague (2)

Bisexual relationship with my colleague (2)

... It didn't take long and we both went to bed. I told her to lie face up. I climbed on top, I had made room between her legs. I was moving my pelvis slowly, my pubes rubbing against each other. Gina arched her body, in more and more intense moans and sighs, she had completely surrendered to me. Let me do what I want. I could see her tense, excited ...

She really liked being kissed on the neck. A little, I stuck my teeth into her flesh, bit her shoulder. She moaned, didn't seem to bother her, didn't care if there was a trace. She soon returned my service. He went straight to my shoulder and bit me. I really liked it.

I gripped her breasts with both hands ... aahh ... they were wonderful. I went straight to them. The fingers slid slightly from side to side, touching their surface lightly. I could see her sigh and arch her body, her hands running down my thighs. Looking at her carefully, I went to her right breast ... I touched her nipple with my tongue, I played with it, I licked it lightly, while I had the nipple between my left breast between my fingers.

Although I had long wanted to taste her breasts, I did not rush at them. I licked each of her nipples with slow movements, then caught them between my lips ... her lips were pulling on her nipples like a vacuum cleaner, her tongue was making circles around them ... mmm ... her fine skin invited me to taste it over all. I started kissing and stroking her body ... her breasts, her abdomen, my thighs a little, then we started over.

Gina had moved her legs farther. She invites me to her pussy. I could see her shining through the crack of her lips, she was very wet. I offered her a kiss on the lips, then ran my fingers along them ... I continued to touch her with my fingertips on the inside of my thighs. Twisting like a kitten in the heat, I saw a small smile of satisfaction in the corner of his mouth.

I went straight to her pussy with my mouth. I began to lick it lightly, the tip of my tongue sliding slowly from top to bottom. From time to time she looked at me and smiled contentedly at me. She bit his lower lip slowly. I went to his clitoris, licked it a few times, then with my fingers, began to rub it more and more vigorously. I pressed my mouth clitoris, I put a finger in the horny pussy. With each touch of her clitoris, I rubbed the upper part of her vagina more and more vigorously.

I couldn't resist, I climbed on top of her, offering her my pussy in turn. I felt her tongue shyly touch my lips, I leaned completely over her mouth ... I put my head between my full thighs. I licked her clit, and with two fingers I penetrated her slowly.

She touched my clit with his tongue and lips, she's not doing well at all. He massaged my buttocks with his palms, squeezing me tightly from time to time. I moved my tongue quickly over my clitoris ... with my lips I tried to suck it, to suck it ... with my fingers I penetrated it more and more energetically. She could no longer concentrate on giving me pleasure. She moaned louder and louder, I had left the pussy over her mouth. We move my pelvis back and forth.

I'm excited that I control everything. I felt quite tense, I increased the pace, I alternated my movements ... I licked her clitoris, I rubbed it more and more energetically, her orgasm was close ... she was slipping under me, she was arching her body, her thighs were shaking slightly, then more and more quickly ... aahhh ... she screamed suddenly, the strong orgasm shook her body. I pressed my mouth to her vagina, with two fingers I gently parted her lips, my tongue had entered her and I was collecting sweet juice.

She took something from her until she recovered. I wanted my share of pleasure too. I fixed my clit on her lips. I began to move slowly. At first back and forth, then in a circle. I had found my rhythm ... back and forth ... faster, faster. It was obvious that she had no experience and that she didn't know what to do, she had all the time to learn… but I liked to rub my clit on her lips.

It was my turn to sigh and moan louder. With my mouth pressed to her vagina, I moved my pelvis faster and faster. Gina realized she had to do something too. My hands massaged my thighs and buttocks. I was expecting a strong orgasm ... the trembling thighs indicated this. Concentrated to the max, I tensed quite a bit ... with the last few fairly quick movements, then stopped abruptly ... aaahh ... my vagina throbbed inside.

I stepped aside and sat on my back. Gina came up to me, put her left arm around me and started kissing me on the mouth, cheeks and neck. I turned to face her. I grabbed her buttocks and pulled her towards me. Our legs crossed, we were trying to rub our pubis against each other. We continue to kiss passionately.

The fun was disturbed by her phone in her bag. Gina was sure he was her boyfriend. After talking to him for a few minutes, he wanted to get dressed. I pulled her to the edge of the bed, offered her a few kisses on the lips. I wanted to continue the meetings, to have a long relationship. She also understood what I wanted and agreed. We were going to see each other secretly without our partners finding out ... and who knows, a four-way meeting may follow.

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