Bisexual relationship with my colleague (1)

Bisexual relationship with my colleague (1)

I love sex, but most of all I love sex with a woman. Ever since I saw my new colleague, I thought I should have it. Young, thin, stunning sexy breasts, and the bulging ass got me ready. I was determined, I really wanted to see her naked, to be able to touch and caress her, to be able to kiss her freely, to taste her sweet peach ... but will she give in to my advances? ...

I really like her smile too. Beautiful, natural. Ever since she joined our company, I set out to make friends with her, to do whatever it took to achieve my goal. Slowly, slowly a bond formed between us, we went to dinner together, we often went out with her on a cigarette break, we started talking to each other, but I held on tight and didn't tell her that I was bisexual and especially that I want it. I knew she had been in a relationship with a boy for almost 2 years.

Every day I thought about her, at night when I didn't sleep I masturbated imagining having sex. I had developed a passion for her and it created strong emotions in me, especially when she dressed provocatively at work, because the boys were about to fall at her feet.

One day, I asked her to go shopping with me, on the grounds that I needed a new swimsuit and she would have liked an extra opinion. I was at the peak of my happiness, Gina accepted immediately. Arriving at my favorite lingerie store, I started looking among the dozens of models ... hard to choose, but also to try.

While we were looking for something, I suggested that she choose one, too, if we were still shopping together. He thought the idea was great and began to choose it too. I couldn't wait to get into the cabin over her to see her bra try on ... I was dying to see her breasts in all their splendor.

We each chose three swimsuits and headed for the rehearsal booth. It seemed a little strange that I wanted to go with her, but then she did not resist when I motivated that I could give her suggestions in choosing the product.

I quickly took off my thin blouse, then my bra. I was trying to catch her eye ... was she looking at my breasts? She also took off her blouse, a little more shy and her bra. I looked salivating at her round breasts, quite large, her small nipples and light brown halos. I swallowed hard as I saw her. She had tried on her bra ... I approached her ...

- It fits you very well, it catches your color, you should keep this one ... I told her. Let me see if it's too small. I pretended to check the size of the cup, then I said excitedly ... I like your breasts, they are very beautiful.

- Thank you, she said, a little embarrassed ... but yours are beautiful, too.

- I can touch them a little, they're natural, can't they?

- Yes of course.

At that moment, I pulled her bra down, exposing her breasts completely. I grabbed both of them from the side and began to squeeze lightly toward the center. I was biting my lips slightly, my pupils had dilated and I was aroused, I was already wet between my legs. I took her hand and put it on my breast. Shy, she massaged him lightly. She had blushed. I came closer to her and kissed her on the mouth. I was emotional because I didn't know how she would react.

I kissed her lips ... she didn't resist. I glued them to hers, I massaged her breasts, I squeezed them lightly, the kisses more and more contagious, more and more exciting. We had to go somewhere, we couldn't go on there, we were both excited and we were already sighing with pleasure. It was exciting for me to do it in the rehearsal booth, but I said it was better to go to a more intimate place. After I went shopping, we both left ... she had accepted the invitation to come to me.

I wanted to jump on the elevator, but it didn't take long to get to the second floor. When I got home, I quickly locked the door behind me, immediately left my bag and shopping bag, and headed for her. I really wanted her. Gina leaned back a little until she clung to the wall. I pounced on my breasts and lips. I gripped her breasts with both hands, her mouth clinging to hers.

We both sighed, Gina took courage and began to caress my body. I couldn't wait, like a child who wants to unwrap the presents I received, so I wanted to pull on her clothes to see her completely naked.

I took off my shoes quickly, grabbed her hand and pulled after her. He warned me to sit for a while, she hadn't taken off her shoes. Slightly red in the cheeks, she followed me holding my hand in the bedroom. We grabbed her by the back of the neck, pulled her towards me, and began to kiss. Although she seemed timid, she was doing very well for the first time ... touched by a woman.

I took off her blouse, her hungry lips searching desperately for hers. I sighed louder and louder, both she and I were excited. I had wet panties from the store. She took courage and helped me take off my blouse. Both in jeans and a bra. The first was Gina who took off her bra, then me.

- Have you done this before ... with a woman? I asked.

- No, it's the first time, but I've been thinking about trying for a while, and when you approached me in the test booth, I saw the gleam in your eyes, I saw the pleasure with which you looked at my breasts, and then when you touched them, I knew what was going to happen.

By the time we finished talking, we were both completely naked. I made him do a pirouette for me, so I could analyze his special body. Thin at the waist, her breasts ... aahh ... insane, her thighs full, and between her legs was a small tuft of hair, extending her thin lips.

We came close to her, we hugged, our arms tightened on each other, our mouths pressed ... both she and I were exploring with our tongues in each other's mouths. The tip of her tongue met quite often with hers, we were teasing each other in moans and sighs ...

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