We all like a good massage, but do you know what is even better than classic kneading?  An anal massage!  No, I'm not kidding, this can be done with a little help from anal beads and is more than relaxing!  However, before you put some balls inside your anus to get the perfect massage, you should know more about them!

 Also known as "Thai beads", these sex balls are attached to a string or a solid piece of soft rubber.  They are available in different sizes and are designed for anal penetration.

  You can massage your anus using different speeds, depending on the effect you are looking for, but most people do it to increase their orgasm and guess what?  It absolutely works!  And that comes from someone who ran away from anal sex for many years!

  Nothing says ORGASM like anal beads - Why

  Some people are happy to do the same things every time, not just when it comes to sex.  However, others really like adventures, new ways to stimulate their brain and body.  I am one of them and my last new thing was about sex and it involved me becoming a very good friend with some pink anal beads.

  Yes, pink!  My partner keeps buying me pink sex toys, even though almost all my clothes are black or white.  He knows me so well.  Anyway, nail him with these sex balls!  These are a great addition to the game in our bedroom, adding extra stimulation to my anus and, to be honest, although his anus is out of the game, these sex toys bring interactivity to both.

  I am very happy with them, although I think I should have gotten them earlier because they are a good introduction to anal sex for beginners.  So, not only do I recommend them for the explosive orgasm that slow bead shooting can give, but also to attract people in anal sex!

  Now, let me give you some tips on how to have a brilliant experience with anal beads, even if it is your first!

  Relaxation, lubrication, communication

  I took my anal beads as a gift, but the whole idea was to use them together and spice up our sex life.  However, I tried them on my own before involving my partner and I advise everyone to do the same!  It's your choice, but first exploring my body has always been very useful for our sexy pieces!

  Another piece of advice I have is to be relaxed and on when you start playing with these sex toys.  It helps a lot.  So, if you are alone, play with your body and masturbate for a while before you start putting your balls in your anus!

  Since you are a beginner, you should start your adventure with some really FLEXIBLE ANAL beads.  Yes, silicon is the best choice you can make because they are very flexible, giving you the chance to explore and stimulate a variety of indoor areas.  Well, how else would you know where your hot spots are?

  The first thing you want to know is that you can't play without LUBE, BABY!  Don't even think about trying!  Even the thought hurts!  What kind of lubricant?  Well, I use water-based lubricants and as far as I know they are good for almost everyone.

  Don't save the lubricant, please!  Use a generous amount and just to make sure you enjoy the game, put lubricant on all the beads as well as on the outside and inside of the anus!  Believe me, you need her!

  Once you are more lubricated, you can start the anal adventure.  Just start slowly!  Push the first one and get used to the feeling of penetration I give you.  Use both hands, one to spread your anus and the other to gently push the beads one at a time.

  Keep in mind that when you insert beads, you may not feel intense pleasure.  At least I didn't, but I've heard people say they like it a lot.  However, things are very different when you take them out, because this is the time when they have the chance to massage the sphincter muscles, offering some really amazing sensations!

  Getting a massage for the anus is really great, but the best time to take them out is at the point of orgasm!  In this way, your orgasm is so intense that you will "feel fireworks".  I did!

  After exploring your beaded anus, it's time for your partner to join the party!  It can be an amazing experience, making your sex life even better than it was.  However, don't just jump in bed and put the balls in you.  Talk about it beforehand, say out loud what you want to do with sex toys and talk about your limits.

  And if you intend to use anal beads with an escort, make sure it is in this game.  Although for many people it seems interesting and interesting, there are people who would never try them.  So when looking for an escort, don't miss checking out her favorite sexual activities.  Also, to be sure, ask her if she is willing to use anal beads when you call to set up the sexy date!

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