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I suffer from shyness

I'm a shy guy like me and I'm not very successful with women, even though I'm over 30 years old. When I'm face to face with them, I get lost. I don't know how to have a conversation to make myself happy. I can't keep their attention, and that makes them quickly lose interest in me. Instead, on the phone I feel more confident, I manage to have a decent conversation and especially, sometimes I manage to be funny.

I felt an acute need to have sex, I wanted to feel a woman next to me. To hug me and kiss me, to feel her scent when I kiss her on the neck… in my turn ... to be kissed on the cheek, on the neck, in the ear, sweet words to be spoken softly. In my imagination, having sex with a woman takes on a different connotation ... it's called love, but for that to happen, I have to overcome the blockage I have when I have to talk to a woman I like. And I don't really succeed.

For this reason I often turn to luxury escorts in Bucharest. Given my problem, I prefer that everything I'm interested in an escort be in a phone conversation ... about pictures, rates, services, preferences and other details. Obviously, many of the girls notice this change of mine ... between the casual, confident person they talked to on the phone and the restrained, embarrassed person in front of them. I was even told a few times that I would not be the person on the phone and I had someone else speak for me.

- Hello, good evening ...

- Hello darling, how can I help you?

- Hi Iris ... I was struck by your profile. I like you, you're beautiful ...

- Thank you, darling ... what's your name?

- Bogdan.

- You have a nice name, I think you're very handsome ... mmm ...

- Thank you ... I don't consider myself a handsome man, but you've probably met a lot of attractive men.

- To me, you're all attractive men ... mmm ... I think you want to ask me something for calling me, am I wrong?

- It is. I like you. First of all, I'm interested in whether you're the person in the pictures.

- Sure baby! ... just what did you think? I am, I just can't see my face, do you understand why ...

- Yes, sure ... it's normal ...

- I don't ask you about the price anymore, I guess they are the ones displayed on your profile.

- Yes, darling ... how long do you care, an hour, two ... three hours?

- I have not decided yet. If there is a proximity between us, I can choose the maximum rate. Although I saw that it was written, I still ask you ... I'm especially interested in anal sex and oral sex without a condom, is that okay? Because you have big and beautiful breasts, I would also like an erotic massage. To feel your breasts rubbing against my body. ...

- Yeah ... we'll do as you wish, darling ... mmm ... I like the way you think. You have interesting preferences ...

- I love this ... I'm also interested in position 69, but I don't think that would be a problem for you ...

- Of course not ... and I like 69 ... mmm ...

- I'm convinced that every man has his preferences. I want something more passionate, more romantic. From touch and caress to exciting words she said softly in my ear. I want to feel like I'm making love to you, not sex. You understand what I mean, don't you?

- Of course ... we can talk more when we meet, what do you say? We relax and talk as much as you want, about what you want. After we make friends ... I'm all your ... mmm ...

- Now I like the way you think, but there's a problem. I have to tell you. In reality, I'm more shy, more shy, but on the phone I'm different. I feel more confident and that's why I prefer to ask everything that interests me on the phone. When we meet, you will not recognize me, I will look like another man, I will be much quieter.

- You look like a confident man to me, more open mind ... from the preferences you listed, you look like a man I would fit in bed with.

- Appearances always cheat ... I'm not sure, but quite open minded.

- Then let's talk ... about what you want to talk about. Are you still interested in finding out something specific? Do you still have certain preferences?

- I'd like you to tell me ... baby ... to feel like you're my girlfriend.

- How not, honey ... I'll be your girlfriend ...

- I think I got the answers I needed. I want to meet you. How do we proceed? Where do we meet?

- Honey, you choose ... do you want to go your home? Do you want a hotel?

- It would be ideal in my house. I'm alone. How long can you get to the address ... xxxx ...

- For you baby, like the thought ... in the blink of an eye…

-... aahh ...

- I'm arranging for you, in a sexy outfit, you'll like it. They arrive in a maximum of 40 minutes.

- I'm waiting for you, my love ...

As expected. From the moment I saw her, I couldn't be the confident man she talked to on the phone. Because I put her in the topic from the beginning, she knew what was happening to me, but she didn't seem to mind. I was her boyfriend, her favorite teddy bear, to pull her cheeks and kiss her fondly.

An escort is not your permanent girlfriend, but by the way she is ... she can be the perfect girlfriend for you. Do not hesitate to use the luxury escorts from Bucharest!